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Leaf Transparent Mask – Michigan, United States

Leaf is the world’s first fully transparent mask that protects you from dust, pollution, microbes and everything else that should not be in the air you breathe. It is enhanced with optional self UV-sanitization and Active Ventilation.

The Leaf mask implements the most stringent N99+ Air quality standards. Conventional masks may take months to catch up into Leaf with a design that is as natural, efficient and as minimalistic as it gets.

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The Leaf mask is designed from soft yet sturdy 100% recyclable optical grade materials. The complete unibody design involves seamless amalgamation of optical materials to create a perfect fit on your face.

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This inherently makes the mask friendlier, allowing others to see your identity and read your lips or facial expressions as you talk to them. LEAF comes in 3 variants: Leaf HEPA, Leaf UV, and Leaf PRO.

The Leaf Health Care mask is funded by Indiegogo and you can buy transparent mask here.


For more information about Leaf Mask: Website — Webshop & Funding Indiegogo — Twitter @Leafhealthcare.

Source: It’s the Beginning of an Era. Where we need to choose not just what we eat, but what we breathe ! — FUNDING LEAF – World’s first FDA, UV-C, N99, Clear mask.