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Empress Michiko to Empress Masako – Continuing The Imperial Sericulture

Empress Michiko has kept the sericulture activities alive in the palace for decades. 2019 was her last sericulture tasks and passed it on to Empress Masako this year. On Monday 11 May 2020, the palace held a ceremony called “Goyosan Hajime no Gi” to mark the opening of the year’s silk-farming activities in Momijiyama Imperial Cocoonery in Tokyo, Japan. And during the private ceremony, Empress Masako started feeding the silkworms type – Koishimaru, with the shredded mulberry leaves for the first time. The sericulture tradition was first  started in 1871 by Empress Sho Ken. Since then, the tradition has been passing on to the next generations until today. They usually grow many kinds of silkworms, but due to the Covid-19 situation, Koishimaru type is the only one they grow this year which produce soft and strong silk fabric. Continuing the palace sericulture: below is a video about Empress Michiko and her staff during the process of the silk cultivation – from growing mulberry trees and feeding silkworms in the palace to producing fine silk cloth …

Scott Kelly – Surviving Our Isolation Like In Space

Scott Kelly, a former NASA astronaut, had experienced the One-Year Mission in International Space Station (with the former cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko from Russia). And he recently noticed that the life in space were similar to our self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. So he shared his advice on how to cope the isolation with CNN News. Surviving during the isolation: Life in space means living far away from our social life and being stuck in one place for a long time. Exactly same situation like we are having now. When he was living in space, Scott Kelly said it was important to frame his mind like this: “This is my reality and I’m gonna be here for a long time. I’m not sure how long, but someday this will be over”. And having a right expectation is going to be really important for helping people getting through this. Here is the CNN interview with Scott Kelly about Coping With Isolation :… Surviving The Isolation List from Scott Kelly: “Follow Schedules – Keep Consistent Bedtime – Go Outside …

Tokujin Yoshioka – Making Practical Face Shield

Tokujin Yoshioka, a Japanese creator of Olympic torch, shared his “Easy To Make Face Shield” in his YouTube Channel: Tokujin Yoshioka Design. His simple and practical method is easy to follow for the medical staffs who run out of safe protective gears in hospitals. Making the practical face shield: be ready with a paper, plastic, your eyeglasses, scissor, and cutter. Take wider measurement of the overall width of the eyeglasses’ frames (left to right). Below is his short tutorial video:… Here are the step by step images of the Tokujin Yoshioda’s Easy To Make Face Shield from his short video above:… For more information about Tokujin Yoshioka: Official Website – YouTube Channel Tokujin Yoshioka Design – Facebook Tokujin Yoshioka. Sources: Tokujin Yoshioka Official Website , and Tokujin Yoshioka Design YouTube channel.

John Mayer & No I.D. – Making of The “New Light” Song

American DJ No I.D. and singer -songwriter John Mayer, teamed up on the making of the song “New Light” in 2018. The song also got instrument contributions from drummer Aaron Sterling and musician Pino Palladino. In Electric Lady Studio NYC, John who also take part in Dead Company band, shared with us the process inside the making of the song in order track by track. Making of New Light: He shared with us the “New Light” song development from just a short loop to a complete track, cooler beats, and lyrics. He also gave tips about vocal and music backgrounds. There are many instruments involved from linn drum machine, live drum, guitar, and then linn drum shaker that presented in the right timing along the track producing modern 80’s track from just a wavy Hawaiian loop. In this 8-minutes short video below, you can listen and understand the “New Light” song making process:… For more information about John Mayer and No I.D. :… John Mayer: Official Website – YouTube Channel John Mayer – Instagram @johnmayer – …

Bong Joon Ho – Directing The Parasites Movie

Bong Joon Ho, a South Korean film director and script-writer of the award winning movie Parasite. The movie has won many awards as Best Director,  in both Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Awards in 2019. Directing a movie: Here the film director not only talked about his Parasite movie, but also about his viewpoints in his other movies and Western ones. When he was writing script of a true story movie, he constantly thought about a situation in certain period of a year and communicated with the detectives, the journalists, and the community of the town where the main character once lived. And as a film maker, it is also important to think about the detailed personality and image references of the main character, also how the camera and the character move in front of it. He also explained the important thing is understanding the relationships between the characters in a movie, especially the Parasites. In the whole session, he talked about moments while making movies, writing scripts, translating imagination into the screen, managing …

Itzhak Perlman – Holding The Bow Grip Of A Violin

Itzhak Perlman, an Israeli-American violinist, conductor, and music teacher, teaching us about the technique of holding the bow grip of a violin right. He is quite active in social media, making short performances, jokes, and giving advices about playing a violin as a senior violinist at home, or even in his kitchen. Holding the bow grip: it starts with holding a bow grip right to help us producing the right sounds when we play our violin. Pay attention about the fingers position, have nice space in between the fingers on the lower part of the bow grip. And the wrist should be flexible. Also there are tips about point of contact between the grip and the violin. Below is the short video of – Itzhak on Bow Grip – in his YouTube channel Itzhak Perlman:… This is an image on how he holds his bow grip:… For more info about Itzhak Perlman: Website  – Facebook itzhakperlmanofficial – Instagram @itzhakperlman . Source: Itzhak Perlman YouTube channel.

Cindy Crawford & Kaia Gerber – Working As Fashion Model

Cindy Crawford and her daughter Kaia Gerber, both are fashion models. They shared tips and their experiences working in the fashion modelling industry. Working as fashion model: one of the important tips by Cindy as a senior model is that if you pose as a fashion cover that focus only your face expression, you got to have a thought (whatever it is) whenever you look at the camera, not just a blank one. Kaia also shared on how important for everybody to feel comfortable during the photoshoot process. And also Cindy’s experience as a 90’s model being in the middle of technology transformation from manual cameras to the digital one with different way of work as a model. Below is the complete Forces of Fashion talk session by Vogue featuring Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber in Vogue YouTube Channel:… For more fashion model info about:… Cindy Crawford: Website – Twitter @CindyCrawford  – Facebook CindyCrawford – Instagram @cindycrawford . Kaia Gerber: Twitter @KaiaGerber – Facebook kaiagerber – Instagram @kaiagerber. Source: Vogue YouTube channel .

Roland Mouret – Draping A Dress

Roland Mouret, a fashion designer known as the Master of The Silhouette in fashion industry introduces us into the art of draping a dress. His short introduction to the dress draping technique is clear and practical through his demo. Draping a dress: start with the right shape of a skirt first (lower body part) then draping the top part. Following the body curves, he naturally put a piece of cloth and drape it artistically on the mannequin to reveal the body shape.  He amazingly the transform the bust dart manipulations into asymetric folds from the centre front to the right shoulder and reveal the upper body shape. The body of a woman is the final touch of a dress, before that a dress should not be called finish, he said. You can see the short draping process of a certain dress model in btoken white muslin and also the result in the fabric chosen. Addition information from Maak Nu: What are darts? They are the excess area on clothing pattern or garment which are closed, …