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The Prismatic Cloud – Tokyo, Japan

Tokujin Yoshioka is an award winning Japanese designer who created the famous rose gold Olympic 2020 torch. One of his other creations in 2020 is The Prismatic Cloud sculpture with 10 meter length and 15 meters height is now hanging in Ginza Six Tokyo, Japan. The artwork was first created in 2008, stretched across the Alley Centre in Houston, United States, as its permanent installation art collection with more than 17.000 colorless prismatic rods. Tokujin Yoshioka said: “The Prismatic Cloud is a work to express the formless light and the cloud-like sculpture of light awakens us to the perception of natural energy”. In Ginza Six, the clouds contains 10.000 acrylic prismatic rods in 400 square-meter space. Watch the short video below from the YouTube Channel of Ginza Six :… The Prismatic Clouds also known as The Invisibles combined Tokuji’s transparent furnitures in the Kartell Gallery 2010 exhibition:… Here are images of the Prismatic Clouds and The Invisibles throughout the years:… For more information about Tokujin Yoshioka: Website – Instagram @tokujin_yoshioka – Facebook TokujinYoshioka – YouTube Channel  Tokujin …

A Chef And His Treasures – New Haven, United States

Ficre Ghebreyesus (1962 – 2012), an artistic chef in New Haven, Connecticut who hid his 700 paintings. He was born in Asmara, Eritrea. Then became a political refugee and had lived in many countries before the United States. He earned his MFA with Carol Schlossberg Prize for Excellence in Painting in Yale University.  One of recent his exhibitions “Gate To The Blue” exhibition will be postponed to September 10, 2020 in Gallery Lelong in New York. Some image works being posted online until May 16, 2020. Click here to see – Ficre Ghebreyesus Collection – Above is a short video about his other past exhibition “Second Look Twice and I Told You Who I Am” in Museum Of The African Diaspora (MoAD) in December 2018. Some of Ficre Ghebreyesus’ paintings:… For more information about Ficre Ghebreyesus: Website – Instagram @ficreghebreyesus Sources: New York Times – The Inventive Chef Who Kept His Paintings Hidden, Museum Of The Africa Diaspora, and Ficre Ghebreyesus Official Website.