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Serif + Sero coffee tables by SODO SOPA -

Cardboard Furnitures – Sydney, Australia

The manufacturing industry producing large amounts of waste due to their inherently large size, making it difficult for a regular household to recycle,  SODO – SOPA, a small Sydney based studio specialising in building design, interiors, branding and graphics based in Sydney, Australia, stated in their Instagram page @sodo_sopa and to solve the problem, today they introduce new project called Serif + Sero coffee tables, made completely from upcycled cardboard packaging, a modular and stackable coffee table. According Design Boom, the assembly of the Serif + Sero coffee tables involves a series of cuts, scores, flips and folds before locking into place as a furniture and can be stacked up. The set is available in either square or circular forms offering options of a simple or more challenging assembly.concept sketch by SODO – SOPA in Designboom. This project aims to promote upcycling in the manufacturing industry and allow users to contribute to a circular economy, one household at a time. As stated in Designboom aims to begin prototyping additional designs with fabricators before releasing it as an open-source …

The StoDistante Installation – Vicchio, Italy

Caret Studio is based in Firenze, Italy. It is practitioner in architecture, urbanism, and research. Caret Studio team installed the gridded social-distancing called StoDistante in Piazza Giotto area in Vicchio, a town near Florence, Tuscany region, Italy. The white square shapes on the street floor are made of removable paints to mark 1,8 meter safe distance between people during Covid-19 social distancing. The StoDistante installation is a temporary solution for reactivating public spaces until the pandemic is over. Watch the short video about the StoDistante Project by Caret Studio in the Comune di Vicchio Facebook Page which had been aired in SkyTG24 TV News:…     Some images of the StoDistante installation from Dezeen and Comune Di Vicchio:… For more information about Caret Studio: Website – Instagram – Facebook Source: Comune Di Vicchio Facebook Page, Dezeen: Caret Studio Installed Gridded Docial Distancing, Caret Studio Instagram, Sky TG24 Italian TV Channel.

Another Sky of Franchise Freedom – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Studio Drift was founded by Dutch artists Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta in 2007. The latest project of Studio Drift was the Franchise Freedom with performative red heart light dedicated to healthcare workers. It was held on The Liberation Day in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, streamed live during the VDF Festival by Dezeen on May 6th, 2020. This is the 5th Franchise Freedom performance since 2017. According Studio Drift in their official website, the Franchise Freedom project was first premiered at Art Basel Miami in 2017, then above the IJ Amsterdam in August 2018, next one during the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert in September 2018, and at NASA grounds as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the moon landing in 2019. The latest one was held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands this year. For the project preparation, they studied the natural flight patterns of starlings beforehand and translated them into software. Below you can watch all of the Franchise Freedom art performances from 2017 to 2020 in the Studio Drift YouTube Channel :… 2020 …