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Roland Mouret – Draping A Dress


Roland Mouret, a fashion designer known as the Master of The Silhouette in fashion industry introduces us into the art of draping a dress. His short introduction to the dress draping technique is clear and practical through his demo.

Draping a dress: start with the right shape of a skirt first (lower body part) then draping the top part. Following the body curves, he naturally put a piece of cloth and drape it artistically on the mannequin to reveal the body shape.  He amazingly the transform the bust dart manipulations into asymetric folds from the centre front to the right shoulder and reveal the upper body shape. The body of a woman is the final touch of a dress, before that a dress should not be called finish, he said. You can see the short draping process of a certain dress model in btoken white muslin and also the result in the fabric chosen.

  • Addition information from Maak Nu: What are darts? They are the excess area on clothing pattern or garment which are closed, folded, or cut to reveal the curvy body shape, it’s like when you pinch your loose shirt around the waist to be slim fit to your body shape. By draping woven (non-stretch) fabric on mannequin, you can have more freedom to move the darts out of the usual position.

Below is the short video of his dress draping in his YouTube channel – Roland Mouret :…

For more info about Roland Mouret: Website , Instagram: @roland_mouret , Facebook: RolandMouret , Twitter: @RolandMouret .

Source: Roland Mouret YouTube channel.