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Maak Nu is having problem with internet connection. Be back soon on Sept 23rd. Off from Sept 17th to 22nd. 

Welcome to Maak Nu website.

This post is about the objective, descriptions, UPDATES, and contact details of Maak Nu website. Any additional information of Maak Nu website’s categories will be updated here.

Maak Nu’s posts made during spare time during breakfast, lunch, and break times.

Maak Nu website has four main categories: creative people around the world, learning from the masters, about Maak Nu, and another one that will be ready in October 2020. Maak Nu website has been made to fill my spare time during breakfast, lunch, and break times.

The main objective of Maak Nu is to inspire people with easy reading information about positive creativities around the world during my spare time.

Creative people around the world is posted daily. It is about a designer, team, community, campaign, or brand that produce creative and innovative product, bringing a good vision, benefit, and mission for the better future of the world.

Learning from the masters is posted monthly at this moment. It is about learning the technique and the vision from the eyes of a master or an expert in creative field, bringing a better understanding in the making process of a product.

About Maak Nu category is about specific description of each category and presentation in Maak Nu website.

Each information in a post from various sources and is combined to have an informative and easy reading post, without changing the actual information of the product.

Designer or brand information and the information sources of each post, at the bottom of each post.

This page has been updated will be written at the bottom of a post, if there is a significant changes of information in each post.

What does the meaning of Maak Nu? Maak Nu means Make Now. Maak Nu comes from the Dutch language – Maak (make) Nu (now). The name of the website is taken after my activities of making creative things in my spare times. My name is Yu.

Contact: for information and suggestions, kindly contact: hellomaaknu@gmail.com or IG @yuddikwee.

The e-mail address of Maak Nu mentioned above, is available only in Gmail – no outlook, no hotmail, no yahoo.

Info: At this moment, it is only me who has been responsible for the posts and the development of the Maak Nu website since 2017. Any collaborations with others in the future will mentioned in this page.

Thank you for visiting Maak Nu website. Have a good day.





This page has been updated.

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