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Norlha Womenswear Autumn Winter 2020. Slate mountain coat made from 100% yak khullu wool. Image by: Norlha Arelier.

The Sustainable Yak Khullu Wool Atelier – Ritoma, Tibet

“We believe in the exceptional qualities of a rare fiber, in the skill of our dedicated artisans, and the creation of superior products. We honor each of these guiding principles equally and without compromise,” – a mission of Norlha, a Tibetan sustainable luxury fashion brand. The Norlha Atelier is located in Ritoma Village on the Tibetan Plateau. The atelier has been working with the local community in the village for the whole making process of the precious fibres, textiles, and design of yak khullu wool since the opening in 2007 by the Norlha founders, Kim and Dechen Yeshi. Khullu is a fiber of many virtues, one of which is durability and warmth. Some of reports said that yak fibres are sustainable alternatives to cashmere and wool. Recently, the atelier has presented Autumn Winter 2020’s Home Collection: felted yak wool cushion cover with zero-waste process, textured cushion cover handwoven in yak wool and silk blend, blankets woven from 100% dark yak wool and natural white yak khullu with various trimmings from blanket stitching, tassels, and fringes …