Lights Of K-New Deal – Seoul, South Korea

Comfort and Hope.

On Friday, November 13th, from 6:30 p.m. South Korean time, a drone show held by lit up the sky over Seoul Olympic Park – a show held by the The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of South Korea aimed to give “comfort and hope” to residents during the coronavirus pandemic as the new cases are rising up. The show was also designed to thank residents for their efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the statement said.

315 drones brightened up the autumn sky, the drones lined up in synchronised light displays forming about 15 multi-coloured images and spelling out slogans promoting the government’s “Korean New Deal” programme to rebuild the economy.

Drone show - comfort and hope - South Korea. Image in Korean Herarld / Shin Ji-hye. Drone show - comfort and hope - South Korea. Image by Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

“I hope this drone show serves as an opportunity to convey joy and hope for a moment to our people experiencing pandemic fatigue,” Kim Sang-do, deputy minister for aviation policy, said in a statement.

The first drone show in July this year was held over the city’s Han River without notice in order to prevent crowds from gathering. This time, the event was announced in advance and held above the park built to host the 1988 Summer Olympics. According to Reuters, as of Friday South Korea will begin fining people who fail to wear masks in public

According to Korean Herald, the drone industry, based on cutting-edge technologies including aeronautics, ICT, software and sensors – is an industry of convergence that many see as having great potential, and the ministry said it has supported the technology demonstrations of national drone companies since 2018 by introducing a “Drone Regulatory Sandbox.”


Source: Drones light up Seoul sky with messages of hope amid COVID-19 — A drone show illuminates the sky above Seoul Olympic Park.