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Strap Technologies For The Blinds – Austin, United States

Imagine living in a world where independence and autonomy is returned tobthose who are blind and visually impaired.According to UN, every 5 seconds, someone in the world loses their sight. And Strap Tech got something to make the life of the blinds much easier.

Strap Tech is the world’s first total replacement of the white cane for the blind. The start up has been developing a wearable pod that uses some of the same kinds of sensors used by autonomous vehicles-radar, lidar, ultrasonic – to give blind people a clearer sense of their surroundings since three years ago. The device is designed to run for 72 hours on a single charge.

Strap Tech device for blinds - Austin - Image of Strap Tech. Strap Tech device for blinds - Austin - Image of Strap Tech.

According to CEO Diego Roel during an interview with Fast Company yesterday, each sensor has a different resolution, has a different threshold and Strap Tech uses the best of each sensor and we combine them. Strap’s chest-worn device weighs less than half a pound and is scheduled to go on sale next summer for $750. (It’s currently available for $500 on preorder). There are some 250 people currently testing the device, which has already drawn 200 preorders. Strap needs to refine the design to ready it for mass manufacturing

The pattern and the strength of this means where is the obstacle, how to avoid it, and how far away it is, adding that the two most expensive components are the device’s radar sensors and microcontrollers. He notes that the device is designed to run for 72 hours on a single charge.

Strap Tech, headquartered in Austin, with a research and development lab in Guadalajara, Mexico, has shown off earlier versions at such tech events as the Consumer Electronics Show and South by Southwest.

You can also donate. The donations raised will accumulate and distribution of Strap products will start in summer 2021, when the product is ready for distribution. Click here for the Strap Tech donation information. 


For more information about Strap Technology: Website – Facebook Strap Tech – YouTube STRAP Technologies – Instagram

Source: This startup wants to replace the white cane for blind people — Homepage of Strap Tech.