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Antakarana Threads & Community – London, United Kingdom

Built upon philosophy of slow, considered living and commitment to sustainability, AK Threads, a vegan fashion brand founded by Gracie Laine (a British designer) whilst in Jodhpur, India – aligning traditional artisanal practices with modern designs to create essential wardrobe pieces, accessible for all women.

And Edition 5 of AK Threads is a limited edition fashion line, made-to-measure pieces crafted by FabricWorks, a Female enterprise studio in Limehouse, London – women from low-income backgrounds. Through the studio & garment production they are provided with sustainable employment (15% of production costs is reinvested back into the enterprise), living wages and wellbeing support – whilst in an empowering environment. AK derived from Antakarana Threads (Sanskrit) means Conciousness. 

For ED5 items, they are created with reclaimed surplus local fabrics which are made from natural fibres, or created with fabric which has been repurposed from our previous editions, using organic cotton handwoven by females in central India (producing no C02 emissions).

AK Threads ED5 - image by Rory James. AK Threads ED5 - image by Rory James.

The brand’s organic handwoven fabrics are all spun and hand woven in Maheshwar, India, by WomenWeave. The centre trains & employs 160 vulnerable women in the surrounding rural areas, making handloom a life-improving activity in addition to sustainable wages.

According to The Guardian today, the brand is a Japanese-influenced collection of wide-leg trousers, kimono-style wrap tops and loose swing dresses are available to buy in standard measurements, from size UK6 to size UK22, from which you can ask for adjustments, or input your own measurements with no size limitations. Prices range from £95 for a wrap top to around £170 for a dress.

No plastic is used in the shipment of our materials from suppliers or manufacturers – items from India are packaged in muslin or calico and their items from London are hand collect with reusable bags.

AK Threads ED5 - image by Rory James. AK Threads ED5 - image by Rory James.

AK Threads’ responsibility and sustainability: They believe garment production is a driving force for tackling social economic deprivation. Partnering with social development organisations and enterprises that are female led, or that implement female welfare programmes is their primary focus within the supply chain.

AK Threads work predominately with communities that are isolated, or have been subject to disadvantage, and have longstanding relationships with their makers, ensuring AK Threads support them holistically.


For more information about Antakarana Threads/AK Threads: Website – Instagram @antakaranathreads.

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