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G2 Biodegradable Mask by Géochanvre F company in France.

Biodegradable & Biocompostable Geotextiles – Lézinnes, France

An industrial company using sustainable development with zero-waste industrialized production of natural, biodegradable, and biocompostable geotextiles for planting, packaging, and also as safe filter. Géochanvre, a French manufacturer of felts and canvases made of hemp fiber and other natural fibers, cultivated at the heart of Lyon in Lézinnes, France. An area that is famous with its agriculture. The founder and director of Géochanvre F – Frédéric Roure, stated that the company is using locally grown vegetable fibers such as hemp or flax, all natural raw materials from French agriculture. The hemp fibres bonded by hydrolysis, the patented process that only use water. Without glue nor additive. It allows the industrial production of 100% biodegradable non-woven geotextiles. Some of the materials produced for packaging and some for cultivation without weeding in gardens, landscapes, and wine growing businesses, to protect the quality of the soil and also the harvests. At this moment, the main products range of Géochanvre F based on the fabric type: bio canvas, biogradable felt, biocompostable G2 mask and filter.   Bio canvas is for …

Finding Oasis With Grandmas – Sakon Dakhon, Thailand

The deep blue indigo has been important part of fashion industry around the world. How is the process of indigo dye? The fashion designer and indigo dyer Philip Huang will explain it through his movie “Finding Oasis”, a visual essay documenting Sakon Nakhon and the Indigo Grandmas for his Oasis Collection Spring/Summer 2021. The “Finding Oasis” was made in collaboration with Thai cinematographer of “Call Me By Your Name” – Sayombhu Mukdeeprom. In this short film, we see how the craftspeople of Sakon Nakhon province, in the upper northeastern of Thailand – harvest and make the dye for the American fashion label, Philip Huang. The movie was taken in three villages in Sakon Nakhon province, Thailand, and the people in each village introduced different techniques:… 1. Baan Dong Siew Village with its weaving co-OP which involve almost all family members of the weavers and dyers. Some would plant indigo (kram in Thai) and dye their fabrics. Some would cut some parts of tree cellulose to produce another color. 2. Baan Don Goy Village with its 53 weaving and …

Traditional Silk Marbling – Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Marble workshop (dye company for silk and polyester) is run by the Nose family in Kyoto, Japan for decades. The family business, managed by Moriyoshi Nose – the son in law, and his family members has been keeping the traditional silk marbling alive. Using starch they make various patterns and manually cut the shapes then put them on rolling machine to print the fabrics. They have worked together with many fashion designers including Hermēs. Below you can see the traditional process of the silk marbling which has been improved for decades in the Kyoto Marble workshop and its collaboration with Hermēs in YouTube channels of Great Big Stories and Hermēs: … Below are some images of the Nose family and their silk marbling results in the Kyoto Marble workshop:… For more info about the Kyoto Marble: Website – Webshop Pas Deux Pareils: and Instragram @kyotomarble. Sources: Kyoto Marble Official Website , Instagram @kyotomarble , Hermēs YouTube Channel , and Great Big Stories YouTube Channel

Paint With Yarns – Savannah, United States

Trish Andersen is a textile artist from Dalton, Georgia – a carpet city of the world. She uses a tufting gun to create extraordinary art on rugs with her rich and colourful yarns. She is now living and working in Savannah, GA. Below you can watch Trish Andersen creating art using tufting gun on rugs in Art Insider – YouTube channel: … Here are images of Trish Andersen’s past creations and inside her studio:… For more info about Trish Andersen: Website and Instagram page: @trishnandersenart . Sources: Trish Andersen Studio Official Website ,  Instagram of Trish Andersen , and Art Insider – YouTube Channel.