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Beauty of Craftmanship & Upcycling – Copenhagen, Denmark

“Our fabrics are so precious, they need to be used. We have never thrown anything away. We have all here in our Studio in Copenhagen, every last scrap.”

Since 2015, the Danish designer Cecilie Bahnsen has made a trademark on the global fashion stage with her voluminous dresses that are bold, playful, sculptural, and full of fantasy, and her vision on integrity and consciousness.

Cecilie Bahnsen and team cherish the community – the female power and respect the longevity and integrity of sourcing, designing, manufacturing, and upcycling – in her collection. The LVMH 2017 finalist has made design collections and collaborations on giving the second life to fabrics into new product.

Bahnsen is using 100% upcycled fabrics from previous season for her Resort 2021 collection, an inspired response to COVID-19 lockdown limitations – Bahnsen created corseted and peplumed dresses and tops decked out with lace, as well as witchy black coats and jackets. Combining patchworks of quilting, embroidered organza, and sheer silk faille.

Cecilia Bahnsen's SS2021 collection. Image: Cecilia Bahnsen's courtesy. Cecilia Bahnsen's SS2021 collection. Image: Cecilia Bahnsen's courtesy.

The designer has also been experimenting with upcycling and making small capsule collections of fashion, home décor, and bedding – made entirely from stockpiled fabrics under the name Encore. The collection is another step towards integrity and consciousness at Cecilie Bahnsen, which has been working to combat waste, mostly recently sourcing recycled faille made from plastic bottles fished out of the ocean.

Encore by Cecilia Bahnsen. Image by Cecilia Bahnsen. Encore by Cecilia Bahnsen. Image by Cecilia Bahnsen.

Her latest collaboration in which it was launched on May 25th – with Singaporean footwear retailer Charles & Keith: “The collaboration was about creating something unique and responsible, with a positive message,” according to Emmanuelle Mace Driskill, the product executive director at Charles & Keith. The collection consists of four classic shoe styles – three Mary Jane designs and a distinctive mule.

Cecilie Bahnsen x Charles & Keith. Image by Cecilie Bahnsen x Charles & Keith. Collection and image of Cecilie Bahnsen x Charles & Keith collaboration.

Each collection of Cecilie Bahnsen builds on the previous one to develop a world of pieces that can be cherished for years, passed between friends, and reinterpreted and restyled to express the individuality of the wearer.


For more information about Cecilie Bahnsen: Website – YouTube Cecilie Bahnsen – Instagram @ceciliebahnsen.

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