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This Is The End Of The End – Seattle, United States

“This is the end of the end.”

A fiber technology company based in Seattle, converts garment wastes to new, high-quality fiber for the creation of new clothing, in partnership with brands and retailer.

Evrnu, founded in 2014 by Stacy Flynn and Chrysto, is a textile innovations company creating a circular ecosystem with NuCycl technology where products made with it can be disassembled to the molecular level and regenerated multiple times into new clothing, home and industrial textiles with extraordinary performance and environmental advantages.


Evrnu has done collaborations with The North FaceAdidas – Stelka McCartneyLevi’s, Target, and many others.

NuCycl by Evru - Levi's Collaborations NuCycl by Evru - Adidas Collaborations

Evrnu® and Levi Strauss & Co. created first jeans made from post-consumer cotton garment waste. And the Adidas by Stella McCartney Infinite Hoodie is 100% recyclable and made out of NuCycl fiber and virgin cotton.

Evrnu’s NuCycl technology extends the lifecycle of today’s single-use textile fibers and offers our industry partners an alternative sustainable solution to end-of-life disposal.


Both founders started the company with a question: How do we prevent people from throwing their garments away? If we could leverage the waste to turn it into new fiber, we could begin to change consumer behavior. That’s why it’s so important for NuCycl™ by Evrnu to launch as a consumer-facing brand — when consumers see the NuCycl logo on their new clothes they’ll know that they’re made from discarded clothing and that it’s recyclable.

The latest Live Conversations on July 2nd, 2020 – Sustainability: Federico Brugnoli, curator of MICAM X and the Live Conversation project, will be talking with Stacy Flynn, CEO and a founding partner of @evrnu.


For more information about Evrnu and Nucycl: Website – Facebook Evrnu – LinkedIn Evrnu® – Instagram @evrnu.

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