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Endless Clothing Line – Los Angeles, United States

To introduce recycable T-Shirt line by FOR DAYS. Image by FOR DAYS.

A company with a vision of life with less stuff – of life filled with living – not junk. You just have to buy the product once, swap out, and got a new one.

For Days, is the original closed loop clothing company, founded by a former GAP employee Kristy Caylor and her co-founder Mary Saunders in 2018. For Days, specialized in T-Shirt line, has been certified as carbon neutral company and as B-Corporation since early 2020. It is also an honoree of Fast Company Innovation Award in 2019.

So, how it works?: By simply living in and swapping out your For Days gear, you are eliminating clothing waste. You can join once and swap forever. Our closed loop system means that 100% of your old products are recycled and remade into new materials.

So, once you’re done with one of your t-shirts, you send it back to their headquarters where it’s sliced into pieces, broken down into pulp, and upcycled into another T-shirt.

T-Shirts by FOR DAYS T-Shirts by FOR DAYS

100% of For Days’ products are recyclable and use 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton. Using GOTS-certified cotton and dyes ensures that the product is safe for your skin and safe for the producers.

The For Days team plan and design for the end of a product’s life at the beginning to make sure what is returned to us can go into future products.

The recycling process is waterless and chemical free. The packaging is reusable, recycled and recyclable. And 100% of the transportation is carbon neutral. Recovertex is the recycling partner of For Days.

T-Shirt by FOR DAYS T-Shirt by FOR DAYS

T-Shirt by FOR DAYS T-Shirt by FOR DAYS

Another product of For Days: Take Back Bag – is produced in order to reduce crap in your closet. Fill the bag up with your old stuff and use the prepaid shipping label to send it back. For Days will take it and make sure the clothes never ends up in landfill. At this moment For Days take any brand of clothing as long as it’s clean and washed.

Take It Back Bag by FOR DAYS Take It Back Bag by FOR DAYS

Ultimately, For Days is a platform for circular consumption. If others design for a closed loop system, For Days Team welcome the participation and collaboration. Imagine most of our lives operating this way, where things can come and go as we all need them, without creating waste.


For more information about For Days: Website – Facebook For Days  – Twitter @for___days – Instagram @for___days.

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