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Bubble Wraps Into Clothes – Auckland, United States

The Clothing and Accessories Lines by TOMBOGO. Image by TOMBOGO.

An aspiring clothing brand, an experiential learning outlet thinking outside the box, founded in 2012 by Tommy Bogo in Auckland. He set out to create a garment that utilized packaging material in order to encourage others to re-purpose, re-use, and recycle.

The brand Tombogo designing utility wear and accessories, constructing character through design process. The brand is appealing to the utilitarian needs of today, while propelling his brand forward with sustainable, inventive, and futuristic designs.

The latest product from the brand is Bubble Wrap Vest – made of recycled bubble wrap and durable PVC inspired by the excessive packing materials littered throughout the streets.

Bubble Wrap Utility Vest by TOMBOGO Bubble Wrap Utility Vest by TOMBOGO

Bubble Wrap Utility Vest by TOMBOGO Bubble Wrap Utility Vest by TOMBOGO

Other Tombogo products include useful bubble wrap jackets, cargo pants, bubble wrap and military based cordura bags, LED Scouter glasses, Electrical Repair Googles, cordura conveyor vests, and many others – focusing on the utilitarian and sustainable section. See more in the Tombogo Shop.

Clothing and accessories by TOMBOGO Clothing and Accessories by TOMBOGO

Clothing and accessories by TOMBOGO Clothing and Accessories by TOMBOGOTombogo was founded within a diverse community if black art, design, and music. It has given its support and donations to communities.


For more information about Tombogo: Website – Facebook @Tombogo – Twitter @TOMBOGO – YouTube TOMBOGO – Instagram @tombogo & @tommybogo.

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