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Cassava TeloBag – Tangerang, Indonesia

Cassava Telobag by Telobag in Indonesia. Image by Telobag IG.

Plastic waste generally requires time to be degraded at the age of 500-1,000 years. But not the plastic bags from TeloBag

The daily leftovers of fruits and vegetables can be put into the Telobag plastic bag and thrown into the garbage compost bin. Then the bag with its contents will degrade within 100 days and total natural decompose within 180 days. The bag will become compost, the natural food for the soil.

TeloBag, is a non toxic and biodegradable plastic bag made of cassava starch and other natural fibres, a plastic bag with no plastic element nor damaging residue. Telo means cassava in Javanese. It is produced in Tangerang city in West Java Island, Indonesia.

TeloBag is Indonesian eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable plastic bag that can be beneficial to the environment. Telobag brand is founded by Mariana Chandra.

The only weakness points from TeloBag is that it is not strong enough against water, it will get softer. But it is not melting against the hot iron, proved as the Telobag has no plastic element:…


For more information about TeloBag: Website – Facebook Telobag – YouTube Telobag – Instagram @telobagindo.

Source: About Telobag — Mariana ‘Telobag’ Chandra Ciptakan kantong singing ramah lingkungan.