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To introduce: Shamir Bailey - American singer and musician. Image by Shamir Bailey.

Shining Shamir – Las Vegas, United States

A star born and became the pride of his hometown in North Las Vegas. A very talented musician, actor, comedian, singer, rapper, chef, designer Shamir Bailey, has come to give us new light during the Covid-19 pandemic through his song “On My Own”, released on 10 June 2020:…   In the interview with Fast Company he mentioned that he’s a night owl, post midnight is athe best creative time of the day. Shamir has always been the quintessential DIY artist, teaching himself guitar at an early age, and whatever instruments proved necessary afterward. Although he tours as a three-piece band, Shamir mostly tends to record alone, with a four-track, playing all the parts himself. Four years ago, he was mentioned as The Pride of North Las Vegas. On the day he got a new job in Topshop, his song that had been posted in Pitchfork,, got many attentions from public and record labels. And since then, he was appeared in many music festivals. In the interview with ID Magazine in 2014, during his early music career, …