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IWOM – State College, United States

To introduce: IWOM is a waterproof and windproof jacket. Image by IWOM.

The hassle of lugging around all the extra clothing and gear to be prepared for unpredictable weather during outdoor activities is no longer existwith IWOM, a game changer outdoor apparel.

The IWOM team, standing for Inner Warmth Outer Mobility, is fast becoming a household name in the outdoor industry. The mission is to allow our customers to fully enjoy the outdoors regardless of what mother nature has in store.

The latest product from IWOM is a waterproof and windproof jacket that converts from a self-contained fanny pack, to jacket, to full body protection from the elements quickly and comfortably – IWOM Convertible All-Purpose Jacket 2.0:…

All of the zippers and seams on the IWOM Convertible All-Purpose Jacket 2.0 are fully sealed making the jacket waterproof and windproof. The breathable fabric keeps you dry and comfortable.

It is perfect for sporting events, camping, boating, dog walking, and much more. With its coverage and flexibility, the IWOM is your solution to the challenges made by the ever-changing weather.

Other IWOM main products are are: IWOM Full Body Hunting System — IWOM Pursuit XT — IWOM Stalker Hunting System — IWOM Convertible All Purpose Fleece Hoodie.

Being unprepared for the weather should never be an option. With IWOM, you are always ready.

For more information about IWOM Outerwear: Website – YouTube Channel IWOM Outerwear – Facebook IWOM Outerwear – Twitter @IWOMouterwear  Instagram @iwom_outerwear – Kickstarter Funding IWOM Convertible All-Purpose Jacket 2.0 (temporary – until end of July 2020)

Source: IWOM Kickstarter Funding Convertible All-Purpose Jacket 2.0 (temporary – until end of July 2020) — IWOM Outerwear Jacket Facebook Page.