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Boafo x Dior – Accra, Ghana

To introduce: Christian Dior collaboration with Amoako Boafo in SS2021 Dior Menswear. Image by Jackie Nickerson.

I love fashion and I tend to look at characters who have a sense of style. The interesting part, for me, of working with a fashion house is how they were able to transfer my finger painting technique onto clothes.”

Kim Jones, the artistic director of Dior Men, collaborates with Ghanaian artist Amoako Boafo – for the Dior’s Spring 2021 Menswear fashion collection. With fusing Boafo’s art with Dior artisanship, a look book, and a documentary film shot at the artist’s studio in Accra and at Jones’ home in London. Friends hanging at Boafo’s place are wearing pieces from the collection, and the artist is working in a faded-wallpaper print Dior Men shirt, whose pattern has bounced back in a creative arc from portrait to garment.

Christian Dior collaboration with Amoako Boafo in SS2021 Dior Menswear Christian Dior collaboration with Amoako Boafo in SS2021 Dior Menswear

There is a remarkable synergy between Boafo’s portraiture and the SS2021 Dior collection that Kim Jones, artistic director of Dior Men – has presented through a film directed by Jackie Nickerson, edited and soundtracked by the video artist Chris Cunningham.

The result: clothes saturated with uplifting color and print, which pinpoint the artist Boafo’s signatures within the language the designer Kim Jones has established for Dior Men.

Amoako Boafo collaboration with Dior SS2021 - credit Jackie Nickerson Amoako Boafo collaboration with Dior SS2021 - credit Jackie-Nickerson

“You have a Breton stripe underneath an Amoako print so it’s a French, Ghanaian, Dior, Amoako vibe, all existing together. It’s an exchange.”

To correlate with the collaboration, Dior is supporting an initiative spearheaded by Boafo: the building of a space in Accra, Ghana – which will host the artist’s studio alongside an artist residence and artist-run gallery to support a new generation of creatives in the city.

About the artist Amoako Boafo: Amoako Boafo is a painter, born in Accra, Ghana – based in Vienna, Austria. Boafo’s portrait paintings are enticing in their lucidity, accentuating the figures in each work, who are regularly isolated on single color backgrounds, their gaze the focal point of each work.

In the beginning of his career as a painter, Boalo used to paint himself a lot because he had to be okay with himself, how he would portray himself to others, and to understand the characteristics of his finger-painted paintings.



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Source: “It’s An Exchange”: Kim Jones On His Mesmerising Collaboration With Amoako Boafo For Dior Men SS21 — AMOAKO BOAFO in Mariane Ibrahim — Vogue Runway Spring 2021 Menwear of Christian Dior – Christian Dior YouTube Channel.