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#WeAreLinen Campaign Around The World

To introduce: J’AIME LE LIN campaign also known as We Are Linen, I Love Linen, Amo Il Lino / #sololino.

Linen is a sustainable fabric made from flax fibers. Ecological and easy to maintain, linen is a fiber with multiple qualities. It’s good thermo regulator, resistant, biodegradable,  thermoregulator, absorbent , and breathable textile. And 80% of the world’s production of scutched flax fibers are originated from Europe, and France is the world leader. 

European Confederation of Flax and Hemp – CELC, is the only European organization in agro-industry, grouping and federating all stages of production and process of flax and hemp in 14 European countries.

The mission based on the innovative and environmental qualities of its fibers is guaranteed by EUROPEAN FLAX® and MASTERS OF LINEN® as the traceability marks and it’s promoted among professionals and consumers thanks to the J’AIME LE LIN campaign also known as We Are LinenI Love Linen, Amo Il Lino / #sololino.

CELC - European Confederation of Flax and Hemp Master Of Linen

On Wednesdays at 12.30pm (GMT+2), We Are Linen is live on Instagram via Zoom with fashion and textile professionals in French language. The recent live of the linen community was on Wednesday, 15 July 2020 with Louis Gabriel Nouchi, Menswear designer based in Paris, France with topic the Linen Zero Waste.

Chantal Thomas tagged #wearelinen Figaret Paris tagged #wearelinen

Figaret Paris tagged #wearelinen Figaret Paris tagged #wearelinen

One of another successful CELC partnership is with UNIQLO Japanese casualwear brand. The CELC / UNIQLO collaboration is at the origin of a 100% Linen merchandising.

The #WeAreLinen campaign site also giving us information about How to sow flax in the garden.

To know more about Linen:

Why European Linen is the best in the world? European Linen comes from Flax grown in a wide coastal band of Western Europe stretching from France through to Belgium and the Netherlands. The cultivation cannot be relocated or replicated due to a unique combination of European environmental factors: a natural damp ocean climate, flax’s low thermal density, and a rich soil. These unique climactic conditions produce long, strong fibres which allow the flax to reach up to 1 meter in height.

And how Linen is produced?

Below the Belgian Linen brand, Libeco will explain it in English.


For more information about We Are Linen Campaign – CELC:

Website and – Webshop – Website – Facebook La Confédération Européene di Lin et du Chavres – YouTube We Are Linen – Twitter @CELC_FlaxHemp – Instagram @wearelinen.

UK & IT Website: &

Source: J’aime Le Lin Campaign and about linen fabricNews CELC – European Linen and Hemp This is why European Linen Fabric is the best in the World — Libecco Lagae Belgian Linen.