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To introduce: Made51 products - UNHCR. Image by Made51.

Refugees around the world have lived in UNHCR refugee camps for many years. When refugees flee, they carry tradition, skill, knowledge, and craftmanship.

Made51 is bringing beautiful refugee-made products to a global market. Made 51 is brought by UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, a global organization dedicated to saving lives and protecting the rights of refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people.

Throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East, MADE51 links refugee artisans in hosting countries with local social enterprises that work in the artisanal sector.

With Made51, refugees can rebuild their livelihood, preserve their culture, and re-establish their independence. The store is divided into four sections: Home DecorAccessoriesJewellery — Dolls & Gifts, with wide variety of handmade products.

Basket by Made51 - UNHCR Clutch bag by Made51 - UNHCR

Earrings by Made51 - UNHCR Allepo Doll by Made51 - UNHCR

8 February 2020. UNHCR’s initiative to drive social inclusion sees refugee-made accessories showcased at the world’s largest home goods tradeshow, Ambiente. Every product sold helps refugees build sustainable livelihoods whilst continuing to celebrate and maintain long-held artistic traditions.

For more information about Made51: Webshop – Website – Instagram @made51_unhcr.

Source: Made51 Website — About UNHCR — UNHCR Ambassador – Jung Woo Sung.