Plant-Based Raw Tuna – San Francisco, United States

We strive for a world where the food system protects and nourishes us, animals and environment alike.

A startup based in San Francisco, California, from Y Combinator summer cohort – develops a plant-base Hon-Maguro, raw blue-fin tuna called “Akami” and patents it. Kuleana, is a food technology company which creates the next generation seafood through the power of plants and biotechnology. The raw tuna here is made of iron and algae oil and a mix of different proteins, and forming them in a proprietary way.

The vegan Akami helps to address consumers concerns on the overfishing, plastic pollution, and health concerns – especially related to micro-plastics, mercury, bacteria and parasites.

To introduce menu: Akami by Kuleana. Image by Kuleana. To introduce menu: Akami by Kuleana. Image by Kuleana.

The company offers a food product that competes with the taste, cost and convenience of the real raw tuna fish. You can see Kuleana’s recipes in the company website.

According to Kuleana co-founder and chief executive, Jacek Prus, the company hopes to be making vegetarian alternatives to tuna, salmon, more fish and shellfish. Together with food science space Ron Shigeta and food science researcher Sonia Hurtado, they launched Kuleana.

Tar Tar by Kuleana. Image by Kuleana. Poke by Kuleana. Image by Kuleana.

Using an initial €50,000 in seed funding from Good Seed Ventures, Kuleana is developing a scaffolding that will enable the company to recreate the taste and texture of raw fish, without using 3D printing techniques.


For more information about Kuleana: Website – Facebook Kuleana – LinkedIn Kuleana – Instagram @kuleana.seafood.

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