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#LA28Creator – Los Angeles, United States

Los Angeles is an amazing sports and entertainment city with diverse cultures, a youthful energy and a cutting-edge vibe.

The city is where LA28, the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games – will be held. The LA28 event team has invited athletes, artists, designers, chef, and community leaders to design the A letter for the 2028 LA Olympic and Paralympic Games logo to celebrate the diversity, community, creativity, and unity.

The creators selected to design the iconic “A” logo for LA28 are: Allyson Felix, Scot Bassett, Chloe Kim, Bobby Hundreds, Billie Eilish, Chaz Bojórquez, Alex Morgan, Lex Gillette, Joy Alvarez, Jamal Hill, Michael Johnson, Jamal Hill, Simone Manuel, Rachel Sumekh, Oz Sanchez, Lolo Spencer, Ibtihaj Muhammad, Dr. Woo, Alex Israel, Aidan Kosaka, Adam Rippon, Gabby Douglas, Lilly Singh, Ezra Frech, Chantel Navarro.

To introduce: "A" logo - by Reese Witherspoon - 2028 LA Olympic and Paralympic. Image of LA28 team. To introduce: "A" logo - by Billie Eilish - 2028 LA Olympic and Paralympic. Image in LA28.

“Everyone is part of the L.A. story.The best way to capture the energy of Los Angeles and the Games is through a collection of voices,” said Janet Evans, an executive with the organizing committee and a previous five-time swimming Olympic medalist, told the Los Angeles Times

L.A. organizers started pondering the logo for their Olympics and Paralympics almost two years ago. They needed something to fit a unique circumstance — the dual-award that saw Paris chosen for 2024 and L.A. agree to wait another four years. The iconography would have to emphasize the city’s diversity while also, somehow, staying fresh for eight years.

To introduce: A logo - Lex Gillette - 2028 LA Olympic and Paralympic. Image by LA28 team. To introduce: A logo - by Chaz Bojórquez - 2028 LA Olympic and Paralympic. Image by LA28 team

The apparel shop for the official LA Olympic  and Paralympic 2028 will be available in LA28shop.


For more information about LA28: Website – Facebook LA28 – Twitter @LA28 – LinkedIn LA28 – YouTube LA28 -Instagram @la28games.

Source: Every ‘A’ tells a story — Athletes, artists and celebrities create unique logos for the 2028 L.A. OlympicsSee Billie Eilish’s logo design for the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.