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The Impossible Foods – Redwood City, United States

To introduce: The Impossible Foods Cookbook by The Impossible Foods.

Using animals to make meat is a prehistoric and destructive technology. A food tech company has been making meat from plants in Redwood City, California since 2011. With the mission, we will all never have to use animals again and save the planet

The Impossible Foods™, where meat, dairy, and fish are made from plants. Heme is what makes meat taste like meat, an essential molecule found in every living plant and animal. The plant-based heme is made via fermentation of genetically engineered yeast, and safety-verified. This year Impossible Foods is in more than 4,700 stores nationwide, and plans to expand its retail footprint to 7,500 by the end of the year.

In June 2020, it introduced its e-commerce site, made collaboration with Starbucks’ The Impossible™ Breakfast Sandwich features savory Impossible™ Sausage which is combined with a cage-free fried egg and aged cheddar cheese served on an artisanal ciabatta bread.

The Impossible Food x Starbucks Collaboration on Breakfast Ssndwich with plant based meat. The Impossible Food x Starbucks Collaboration on Breakfast Ssndwich with plant based meat

In July 2020, the company has also released a cookbook: Impossible: The Cookbook, featuring about 40 delicious and sustainable plant-based recipes for home cooks of all levels.

The Impossible Foods Cookbook The Impossible Foods Cookbook

In January 2020, the company has released the latest food technology with Impossible Pork made of plants in CES. All the satisfying flavor and protein of pork sausage with 45% fewer calories, 60% less total fat and 0 mg of cholesterol compared to the leading brand of pork sausage.

The first Impossible product is Impossible Burger, made from plants for people who love ground beef. Followed with tender and juicy Impossible Pork, spicy savory Impossible Sausage, and various sizes of Impossible Patties.

The company says that making it uses 95% less land and 74% less water, and it emits about 87% less greenhouse gas than making a ground beef burger patty from cows.

The Impossible Foods has made many international and prestigious collaborations with Burger KingForbici Modern ItalianQDoba, and hundreds other including Michelin-star restaurants.

So, Do the Impossible.™


For more information about The Impossible Foods: Website – Facebook Impossible Foods – Twitter @ImpossibleFoods – LinkedIn Impossible Foods – YouTube Impossible Foods – Medium impossible-foods – Instagram @impossible_foods.

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