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The Not Company Food Technology – Santiago, Chile

Products by Not Co in Chile

Food reinvention from Latin America. A multi-billion dollar business of food replacement producing the plant-based meat and dairy products based in Santiago, Chile.

The Not Co, a Chilean food tech company using artificial intelligence and state-of-art technology to replicate the same taste, smell, function, look, and feel of the animal-base products by copying their molecular structure. And it is Giuseppe, an artificial intelligence algorithm computer software, who decides how to make all this.

In July, 2020, the company is about to close on an $85 million round of funding that would value it at $250 million, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans.

The chief executive Matias Muchnick and his two co-founders, astrophysicist Karim Pichara and plant genomic researcher Pablo Zamore, are plotting to bring the potential benefits of this food revolution to Latin America and the world. Until now it has expanded beyond its mayonaise products into milk, ice cream, and hamburgers.

Products by Not Co in Chile Products by Not Co in Chile

Products by Not Co in Chile Products by Not Co in Chile

“If we can map the genome of a lentil or whatever bean there is, you could easily understand and predict whether that bean could emulate an animal-based protein”, said Muchnick.


For more information about The Not Company: Website – Facebook The Not Company – LinkedIn NotCo – YouTube NotCo – Instagram @thenotco.

Source: The Computer That Makes Plants Taste Like Meat – The No Company — The Not Company, a maker of plant-based meat and dairy substitutes in Chile, will soon be worth $250M — The Not Company is looking to start a food revolution from Chile.