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Mylo Vegan Leather – Emeryville, United States

We believe that solutions to our most vexing problems can be found in nature – a mission by a venture-backed, idea-driven company, led by world-class talent, and experienced executives from the technology and apparel industries – the mission of Bolt Threads that has produced synthetic spider silk and handbags made from mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms.

It was announced this week that, Lululemon, Kering  and Stella McCartney will be teaming up with Bolt Threads, to form biomaterials consortium on Mylo™, a material made from renewable mycelium, the branching network of threadlike cells that underpins all fungi. Mylo-made products, from Lululemon, Adidas, and Stella McCartney – will be available in 2021.

According to New York Times, the C.E.O. and founder of Bolt Threads, Dan Widmaier said that brokering the Mylo agreement with these industry stalwarts is a major step toward bio-materials becoming a genuine option for mass consumer use.

According to Bolt Threads team – the substantial, subtle, and soft touch Mylo has, is unmistakable resemblance of animal leather with less harmful to the environment. Made from mycelium – the complex latticework of underground fibers so strong they hold the planet together.

Mylo, made of mycelium grown in warehouses in Europe that used to produce specialty mushrooms for the gourmet food market, – can be used like animal or synthetic leather, and can take on any color, emboss, or texture.

To introduce: Mylo leatherby Bolt Threads - image by Bolt Threads.To introduce: Mylo leather by Bolt Threads - image by Bolt Threads.

For billions of years, mycelium has grown beneath our feet and served as an ecological connective tissue. A sprawling, infinitely renewable, interlaced web, it threads through soil, plant bodies, and along river beds to break down organic matter and provide nutrients to plants and trees.

For more information about Mylo: Website – Facebook Bolt Threads – Twitter @boltthreads – LinkedIn Bolt Threads – Instagram @boltthreads.

Source: Fungus May Be Fall’s Hottest Fashion Trend — This Very Realistic Fake Leather Is Made From Mushrooms, Not CowsVegan leather made from mushrooms could mould the future of sustainable fashion — About Bolt Threads company.