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Myco-Technology – Bandung, Indonesia

We believe in co-creating with nature.
That is why we fabricate our materials with technology that comes from the nature: Myco-Technology.

Providing a high-performance and sustainable material through biotechnology for global market by empowering local communities is the goal of PT. Miko Bahtera Nusantara or MycoTech Lab, a B corps certified company based in Bandung city that is focusing on making sustainable materials from mushrooms.

Mycotech Lab has produced Mylea – The Mycelium Leather – a strong, sustainable, and eco-friendly material made from the interlacing network of Mycelium which is inspired from Tempeh. The eco-friendly and sustainable Mycelium fabric is breathable, flexible, and robust that can last for years. The team are fully booked production to complete orders until 2027.

Mushroom is brilliant in becoming the future sustainable leather, because it grows Mycelium, vegetative part of the fungus that can be the main source of making leather without pvc or any harmful chemicals. Mycotech breeds it’s own mushrooms and also working with mushroom farmers in West Java, Indonesia, as reported in DW News Online and the Mycotech Official Website

The MycoTech feed the mushroom with the wood waste, sawdust – that has been cleaned with steam. Then mixed with tiny mushroom spores. The mushrooms consume the sawdust and at the same time on the outside of the sawdust blocks, they grow the tightly woven mycelium that can be harvested within a few days. The process uses a fraction of the water used in standard leather production, less than one tenth.

Mycotech Lab is now producing 2000 sq feet mycelium leather per year, and working with mushroom farmers in West Java, Indonesia according a report in DW News Online.

To introduce: Mylea by Mycotech. Mycelium leather. Image by DW News. To introduce: Mylea by Mycotech. Mycelium leather. Image by DW News.

Adi Reza Nugroho, the founder of Mycotech Lab, born to a mushroom farmer family. In 2012, he and colleagues were about to do a start-up business in gourmet mushroom. But they quickly changed the direction to mycelium business that can produce sustainable fashion industry which consume less water, animal free, vertical farming, and less carbon emission.

Mycotech has completed many international collaborations with ETH Zurich and Future Cities Lab, Batam Housing Project, Mini Cooper Singapore, DBS Marina Regatta, Osaka Living & Design 2019, Shoes, and many more.


For more information about Mycotech: Website – Facebook Mycotech – LinkedIn MYCL | MycoTech Lab.

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