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LEVI’S SecondHand – San Francisco, United States

Denim is made to live a long life. With each crease, tear and patch, a story emerges.

Levi’s® Secondhand, a recommerce site for previously worn Levi’s jeans and denim jackets, has been launched. So, Levi’s buys back and anyone can turn in any Levi’s denim item in any condition – a gift card given for the future purchase.

Levi’s® SecondHand keeps coveted pieces in circulation. It’s all about connecting people to timeless styles they otherwise may not have found, and most importantly, saving clothing from going into a landfill. At this moment, Levi’s® SecondHand is only available in US.

To introduce: To introduce: Vintage 501® Original Fit Men's Jeans. Image by Levi’s® SecondHand.

Levi’s is the first denim brand of its size to create a buyback program and effectively take responsibility for the full “life cycle” of its garments.

How it works?

  • Drop off your old Levi’s® jeans and denim jackets at participating stores. You’ll get a gift card for a future purchase.
  • We professionally clean, sort and list clothes on, keeping garments in use and out of landfills.
  • Shop responsibly with Levi’s® SecondHand. You’ll help the planet, one reworn piece at a time.

Denim sizing can vary by decade. Jeans labeled as size 29 today might’ve been a 32 back in the ’90s. So Levi’s team created a guide to help you find your size across the eras.

“Buying mostly secondhand clothing reduces a personal CO2 footprint by 527 pounds.That’s the equivalent of charging your smartphone 30,486 times,” according to ThredUp, EPA.


For more information about LEVI’S: Website – – Facebook Levi Strauss Co. – Twitter @LEVIS – @LeviStraussCo – Instagram @levis – @levistraussco.

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