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A to Z Manifesto – Carlisle, United Kingdom

“It’s time to wake up and question how we’ve been doing things,” said the fashion designer Stella McCartney about her Spring Summer season collection of 2021 in an online statement.

The British designer has worked on “A-to-Z Manifesto” to describe the future of sustainability in fashion. “There’s so much greenwashing going around,” McCartney said in a video conference, referring to other fashion brands. And there’s so much confusion going on. I barely know what the word sustainable means anymore. So it’s to give a level of clarity, really,” said Stella about the meaning of each letter in alphabetical order.

The materials used in her collection are organic cottons, forest-friendly viscose, and repurposed lace. Stella McCartney is a lifelong vegetarian, she does not use any leather or fur in her designs since her fashion debut in 2001. “I think it’s important to invest more in timeless materials, but at the same time you can really inject freshness. It shouldn’t be dull,” added McCartney. 

During the interview with Sarah Mower,  the contributor of US Vogue, Stella said: “I’m a bit obsessed with getting rid of waste. Waste not, want not. During lockdown, we made dresses and cycling shorts from lace we had from previous collections. They were swatches, samples, laces we’ve had left over in the warehouse, so we patch-worked them together into little athletic dresses. It’s repurposing, recycling, but I don’t think you’d honestly know. They’re limited edition, we’ll just use up what we have.”

To introduce: Stella McCartney SS21 A-Z Manifesto. Image: Stella McCartney. To introduce: Stella McCartney SS21 A-Z Manifesto. Image: Stella McCartney.

Talking about the A-Z Manifesto, Stella explained: “A for Accountable, C for Conscious, O for Organic, V for Vegan, E for Effortless, her mother Linda McCartney represents L, and T for Timeless.”

The short film of the SS21 fashion show is a translation of nature, art, and fashion connection, taken at Houghton Hall in Norfolk by Mert & Marcus.


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Source: “It’s Time To Wake Up”: Stella McCartney’s SS21 Is Pushing For A Brighter World — Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2021 RTW.