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Weaving The Yarns For Resort 2021 – Chelsea, United States

The collections often read as minimalist in form, the designer considers them maximalist when it comes to quality and craft.

Covid19 pandemic has caused major changes in fashion industry. Many fashion designers have been through different process in making their fashion collections. One of them is Marina Moscone, a designer who upcycled her yarns from her attic, then weaves them into some garments in her Resort 2021 collection, mixed with past textile stocks.

According to NY Times, Moscone used to produce her textiles in Italy, in mills near Como and Florence. So, when her Italian mills were closed during the pandemic, she was forced to rethink her production plan.

Moscone set up a wooden loom in her apartment and hand-weaved her latest collection using leftover yarns. She weaved a few spring 2021 garments and the rest was designed with past-season materials.

The contributor of Vogue, Emily Farra, on Marina Moscone’s Resort 2021- when the New York based designer completed a woven panel, she then knitted it into others to become a single, seamless piece, the quality was remarkable. For some looks, she let the yarns unravel from tight weaves into a fringe, and on others, she spliced in bias-cut panels of silk, like a color-blocked ivory and coral sheath.

To introduce: Marina Moscone's Resort 2021. Image by Nicholas Calcott. To introduce: Marina Moscone's Resort 2021. Image by Nicholas Calcott.

According to Vogue, Marina Moscone’s name isn’t always brought up in sustainability conversations, but her mindset is similarly thoughtful, less-is-more, quality-over-quantity. Handwork is a key ingredient in Moscone’s collations, even if they don’t look handmade. Her twisted satin dresses are painstakingly draped and tacked by hand in her New York atelier, and the interiors of her blazers are hand-constructed.

To introduce: MARINA-MOSCONE-RESORT-21. Image of Marina Moscone. To introduce: MARINA-MOSCONE-RESORT-21 look 17. Image of Marina Moscone.

To Vogue, she shared her experiments with a variety of weaving techniques and used leftover cashmere, silk, cotton, and wool yarns to weave dresses and tunics from start to finish. Every loop of yarn reveals the designer’s hand, and in spite of the painstaking craftsmanship, there’s a casualness that feels right for the moment.

Go to Vogue to see the complete Marina Moscone Resort 2021 collection.


For more information about Marina Moscone: Website – Facebook  Marina Moscone – YouTube Marina Moscone – Instagram @marinamoscone.

Source: A Designer Who Got Her Discipline From Dance — Waste Not: How Designers Are Making Their Spring 2021 Collections With Leftover Fabric, Old Patterns, and Renewed Clarity — ‌Resort 2021 MARINA MOSCONE.



This page has been updated on Friday, 11 September 2020 — the video of Marina Moscone Resort 2021 has been deleted by Moscone team.