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Practical Folding Desk – Paris, France

A real space saver, a minimalist table that can easily be stored behind your cabinet. The bureau MARCEL wood table with measurement 94 cm length × 122 cm height, once folded — is only 5 cm thick. The functional and foldable table by French designer Christophe Gernigon, the creator of Plex Eat earlier this year. And if you need to work with light, the MARCEL table is available with an LED bar (optional). The MARCEL has clean and minimalist look with smooth and neat details. The frame material is beech wood and the tray one is oak venner. MARCEL Folding Desk comes with price of €495 with some optionals of LED light or without lighting. For the purchase, you can visit the Christophe Gernigon’s shop in his official website (see the info list below)   For more information about Christophe Gernigon: Website – Instagram @christopegernigonstudio – Facebook cgchristophe.gernigon – Twitter @gernigonstudio. Source: Biography of Christophe Gernigon — MARCEL folding table — MARCEL Bureau pliable

DISPLAY by Tim Denton in Manchester UK. Image by Fiona Finchet.

Customized & Upgradeable Furniture – Manchester, United Kingdom

A customized  furniture with minimalist approach to essential solutions for living or working spaces A British designer based in Manchester, Tim Denton, specialising in the design and production of bespoke furniture, spaces and structures in his design and build studio. His latest furniture project is DISPLAY with large “A” frame. DISPLAY is a simple furniture system that is flexible, customisable, and upgradedable for designers, retailers, and exhibitors. All items in the collection are constructed from Birch plywood, Valchromat and Ash timber. Everything in the system is customisable and made to order in the workshop with smooth and easy details. A board panels can be made to your requirements, below are some popular options for displaying A4, A5 prints and objects. The A frame comes in Standard and XL size to hold an A1 print. Accompanying boxes can be nested to act as storage or display. Lids and locks can be added or boxes can covered with acrylic to protect precious items. The structure can be converted into a long table. Display was adapted into a plant …

The Unnoticeable Transportation – Ada, MI, United States

“I wanted to create a piece that is museum-worthy that’s completely unnoticeable and so familiar, you’re just going to walk past it.” Designer Joey Ruiter is transforming everyday objects into products that are just as useful as they are jaw-dropping. His work ranges from furniture to transportation to household objects and more. The latest work of Ruiter is NOMOTO where graffiti covered E-motorbike and architecture blending in. He also works on this with Phil Carpenter and Noah Develder. The design unique and when you push a button, the moto rises up, flips open and a seat pops out. Underneath its city-skin, the motorbike appears, letting you drive away on it.     Studio Joey Ruiter is “trying to push design to the point of not being there” – the moto that becomes a canvas for the graffiti, a bench for a moment of rest. NOMOTO is to debut at Museum Craft and Design in the cutting edge motorcycle exhibition “Moto MMXX” show on August 21st to January 3rd, 2021. Other transportation designs of Studio Joey Ruiter is Consumer …

Pursewit – Islamabad, Pakistan

An industrial design graduate from the NUST (National University of Science and Technology) in Pakistan, has created a sewing machine for the visually impaired. Aqsa Ajmal, a Pakistani industrial designer, has been listed as one of six Lexus Design Award 2020 finalists with her Pursewit, a simplified sewing machine for the visually impaired, the operation system is more intuitive and tactile, aiding in the cumbersome process of sewing.   Ajmal then recalled a neighbour who had lost her eyesight after a devastating accident. “It was very difficult for her to come to terms with how she couldn’t pursue her studies anymore. Not to mention, special education and equipment such as braille in Pakistan are quite expensive.” So, Ajmal designing a machine that could empower not only her neighbour but every visually-impaired person out there. Other product design by Aqsa Ajmal are: CIRCLET, an interface headset for curling hair with Nida — OPULENT, a metallic mouse designed for comfort — LUMINOSO, a creative workstation designed to enhance the users’ creative capabilities — and many others. Aqsa Ajmal also participated in Youth …

From Tights To Tables – Köping, Sweden

Used textiles and clothes have been piling up as wastes, they are continuously covering, polluting our lands and most of them don’t degrade well. Many companies taking action on sustainability program to manage the waste of their products. One of them is the Swedish Stocking, a Swedish company specialized in tights, now pushing boundaries of innovation in hosiery through its product or concept. The brand strengthen its brand purposes by running sustainability programs with their Recycle Club. The Swedish Stocking, that also producing pantyhose from recycled yarn, presented limited edition collection of tables made from their customer’s old tights, in collaboration with furniture designer Gustav Westman. The tables (depending on their size) contains between 80 and 350 pairs of tights that have been diverted from landfills through their recycling program. Each table is manufactured by hand, at their warehouse in Köping, Sweden. The process is similar to that of creating the fibreglass tanks, except the sanding and finishing is done entirely by hand. These tables create an impact in a room, mimicking stones and marble, …

“It’s not for you, it’s for everyone.” – New York, United States

It is a statement made by a fashion designer who already started making clothes from a very young age – bleaching T-shirts, reconstructing jeans pants patterns,  designing and selling pieces to consignment stores on the Lower East Side. He also learned house and hip hop music with her brothers. For his design collections, he would bike around New York to be inspired by pedestrians’ fashion items and styles. His name is Telfar Clemens. That is the motto of his fashion brand “Telfar”: “It’s not for you, it’s for everyone.” In the interview with British Vogue‘s reporter Lynette Nylander, they mentioned that they want to dispel the idea of diversity. This is not an inclusive casting strategy or a one-time campaign,” Radboy explains. “The very notion of diversity upholds what we know, that there is an unchanging power structure and that’s, like, included in someone else’s world. Inclusion and diversity have now become statements that people in power like to hear.” Clemens added, “I just want to be everywhere, truly global. I want to dress everybody.” His message …

Portable Compulsion – Vienna, Austria

The collection “Portable Compulsion” is characterized by aesthetics through functionality. It deals with the relationship between a space saving attitude of shrinking places nowadays and a kind of compulsive orderliness, where an inner urge creates a balance between the objects within the surrounding area. This statements are written by the Austrian accessories and artefact designer Isabel Helf who is focusing on woodwork. Each Portable Compulsion’s handbag features a shape that relates to a specific furnishing or fixture, such as a step or shelf. Like a lock-and-key mechanism, this allows it to seamlessly slot onto the associated furnishing to be neatly stored away. Inspired by conceptual functionality and practicability, Isabel Helf designs and produces accessories and stationaries that sit between furniture, product and fashion design, using traditional craftsmanship together with digital and self-developed methods:…     For more information about Isabel Helf: Website – Instagram @isabelhelf – Facebook Isabel Helf. Source: About Isabel Helf , Portable Compulsion by Isabel Helf , Isabel Helf Instagram Profile.

The Prismatic Cloud – Tokyo, Japan

Tokujin Yoshioka is an award winning Japanese designer who created the famous rose gold Olympic 2020 torch. One of his other creations in 2020 is The Prismatic Cloud sculpture with 10 meter length and 15 meters height is now hanging in Ginza Six Tokyo, Japan. The artwork was first created in 2008, stretched across the Alley Centre in Houston, United States, as its permanent installation art collection with more than 17.000 colorless prismatic rods. Tokujin Yoshioka said: “The Prismatic Cloud is a work to express the formless light and the cloud-like sculpture of light awakens us to the perception of natural energy”. In Ginza Six, the clouds contains 10.000 acrylic prismatic rods in 400 square-meter space. Watch the short video below from the YouTube Channel of Ginza Six :… The Prismatic Clouds also known as The Invisibles combined Tokuji’s transparent furnitures in the Kartell Gallery 2010 exhibition:… Here are images of the Prismatic Clouds and The Invisibles throughout the years:… For more information about Tokujin Yoshioka: Website – Instagram @tokujin_yoshioka – Facebook TokujinYoshioka – YouTube Channel  Tokujin …

Tokujin Yoshioka – Making Practical Face Shield

Tokujin Yoshioka, a Japanese creator of Olympic torch, shared his “Easy To Make Face Shield” in his YouTube Channel: Tokujin Yoshioka Design. His simple and practical method is easy to follow for the medical staffs who run out of safe protective gears in hospitals. Making the practical face shield: be ready with a paper, plastic, your eyeglasses, scissor, and cutter. Take wider measurement of the overall width of the eyeglasses’ frames (left to right). Below is his short tutorial video:… Here are the step by step images of the Tokujin Yoshioda’s Easy To Make Face Shield from his short video above:… For more information about Tokujin Yoshioka: Official Website – YouTube Channel Tokujin Yoshioka Design – Facebook Tokujin Yoshioka. Sources: Tokujin Yoshioka Official Website , and Tokujin Yoshioka Design YouTube channel.

Roland Mouret – Draping A Dress

Roland Mouret, a fashion designer known as the Master of The Silhouette in fashion industry introduces us into the art of draping a dress. His short introduction to the dress draping technique is clear and practical through his demo. Draping a dress: start with the right shape of a skirt first (lower body part) then draping the top part. Following the body curves, he naturally put a piece of cloth and drape it artistically on the mannequin to reveal the body shape.  He amazingly the transform the bust dart manipulations into asymetric folds from the centre front to the right shoulder and reveal the upper body shape. The body of a woman is the final touch of a dress, before that a dress should not be called finish, he said. You can see the short draping process of a certain dress model in btoken white muslin and also the result in the fabric chosen. Addition information from Maak Nu: What are darts? They are the excess area on clothing pattern or garment which are closed, …

Mission Cambio – London, United Kingdom

Formafantasma, Italian designers duo based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, did an investigation, missioned by the Serpentine Galleries in London, called Cambio – on extraction, production and distribution of wood products, commissioned by Serpentine Galleries in London, UK. Designers of Formafantasma who describe themselves as a bridge between craft, industry, object, and user, said: “Every tree was cut according to the need of our consumption, how far we can protect the life of trees”. Below they explain further on the Cambio in Serpentine Galleries YouTube Channel :…   An interview in Serpentine Sackle Gallery posted in Dezeen YouTube Channel about discussion with Formafantasma on Cambio:… Here are some images from the Cambio exhibition by Formafantasma in Serpentine Galleries:… For more information about Formafantasma, Cambio, and Serpentine Galleries:… Formafantasma: Website – Instagram @formafantasma – Facebook StudioFormafantasma – Twitter @formafantasma . Cambio: Website – Exhibition Info Cambio in Serpentine Galleries . Serpentine Galleries: Website , YouTube Channel Serpentine Galleries – Instagram @serpentineuk – Facebook SerpentineGalleries – Twitter @SerpentineUK. Sources: Formafantasma Official Website , Serpentine Galleries Official Website , Dezeen YouTube Channel  , and Cambio Official Website.

The Occidental Artisan – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sebastian Brajkovic is a Dutch designer who are known for his sculptural furniture pieces. He transforms and mutates archetypal shapes into new forms using contemporary technologies. His “The Occidental Artisan” collection in 2019, he uses elegant distortion, colors, and hand-embroidery in furnitures with the touch of rawness and beautiful surreal design in the chandelier: Below are some images from recent collection of Sebastian Brajkovic in David Gill Gallery and his past collections:… For further info about Sebastian Brajkovic: Website – Instagram @sebastianbrajkovic . Sources: Sebastian Brajkovic Official  and Gill Gallery YouTube channel.