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Tokujin Yoshioka – Making Practical Face Shield


Tokujin Yoshioka, a Japanese creator of Olympic torch, shared his “Easy To Make Face Shield” in his YouTube Channel: Tokujin Yoshioka Design. His simple and practical method is easy to follow for the medical staffs who run out of safe protective gears in hospitals.

Making the practical face shield: be ready with a paper, plastic, your eyeglasses, scissor, and cutter. Take wider measurement of the overall width of the eyeglasses’ frames (left to right). Below is his short tutorial video:…

Here are the step by step images of the Tokujin Yoshioda’s Easy To Make Face Shield from his short video above:…

Step 1: draw bigger head shape and put marks of the taken eyeglasses’ frames measurement (left & right) – then cut around the paper as a base.

Step 2: cut the plastic according to the paper base (step 1).

Step 3: cut the marked holes left & right.

Step 4: hold the eyeglasses upside down, and hold them from the inside part of the plastic, then insert the temples one by one into each cut hole (step 3).

Step 5: turn the eyeglasses back to the normal position. You will have the front eyeframes inside the plastic and the both temples (left & right) outside.

Step 6: now ready to wear the plastic face shield.

For more information about Tokujin Yoshioka: Official Website – YouTube Channel Tokujin Yoshioka DesignFacebook Tokujin Yoshioka.

Sources: Tokujin Yoshioka Official Website , and Tokujin Yoshioka Design YouTube channel.

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