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Portable Compulsion – Vienna, Austria

Space saving designs.

The collection “Portable Compulsion” is characterized by aesthetics through functionality. It deals with the relationship between a space saving attitude of shrinking places nowadays and a kind of compulsive orderliness, where an inner urge creates a balance between the objects within the surrounding area. This statements are written by the Austrian accessories and artefact designer Isabel Helf who is focusing on woodwork.

Each Portable Compulsion’s handbag features a shape that relates to a specific furnishing or fixture, such as a step or shelf. Like a lock-and-key mechanism, this allows it to seamlessly slot onto the associated furnishing to be neatly stored away.

Inspired by conceptual functionality and practicability, Isabel Helf designs and produces accessories and stationaries that sit between furniture, product and fashion design, using traditional craftsmanship together with digital and self-developed methods:…


Table bag – 2015 by Isabel Helf.



Flat bag – 2015 by Isabel Helf.


For more information about Isabel Helf: Website – Instagram @isabelhelf – Facebook Isabel Helf.