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Growing Algae At Home – London, United Kingdom

How about it? Why is algae the most important plant on earth?

Algae is aquatic plant that use carbon in the atmosphere to release oxygen. It contains rich proteins and can be the solution for the future’s food shortages. Algae use sun, air, and water to grow.

Many companies are now planning to use algae as main ingredient in the future. Some of them already started it, like Cyanotech, a Hawaiian company that has provided high-quality microalgae products for health and nutrition in a sustainable and environmentally sensitive operation since 1984 and now has 90 cultivation ponds.

So, how about growing it at home? Ecologic Studio, an architecture and research studio focused on environmental design, bio-digital design, and building integrated nature – has developed an eco-kit for domestic cultivation of Spirulina (a type of blue-green algae that people can eat. The eco-kit called BioBombola. The founders of the studio, Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto, created the domestic algae garden project with their two children during the Covid19 lockdown.

BioBombola 02

BioBombola by EcoLogic Studio. Photo by Naaro.

Spirulina at home helps to purify the air as it absorbs carbon dioxide equivalent of two trees and oxygenates the houses seven times more effectively than common houseplants. And for food, it has a very particular flavor: combination taste of grass and nuts.

The BioBombola kit contains a single customized photobioreactor – a tall laboratorium glass container, filled with living photosynthetic spirulina strain and culture medium with nutrients. a small air pump is supplied which constantly stir the fluid, gurgling the liquid to keep the algae afloat produces a calming sound and contributes to emitting fresh oxygen into the surrounding.


For more information about EcoLogic Studio: Website – Facebook ecoLogicStudio – Instagram @ecologicstudio.

Source: EcoLogic Studio Facebook page — BioBombola by ecoLogicStudio lets you grow an algae garden in your own home.