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Eccentrique Violinist – Los Angeles, United States

Messed around with instruments in the house and took up violin in the fourth grade, eventually teaching herself how to play the instrument by ear. Sudan Archives, an American vocalist and violinist who writes, play, and produce her own music — was impressed by the violin playing style of Northeast Africa. “The way they played it was different from classical music. I resonated with the style, and I was like, “Maybe I can use this style with electronic music,” she says.

Her music style is quite eclectic and eccentric inspired by Irish and African music, especially Sudanese music. She has daring fashion style by mixing cultural attributes in one look.

The latest concert of Sudan Archives was at NPR’s “Tiny Desk” show in Washington D.C., on March 11 2020, after the cancelation of SXSW Festival 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak. Together with violinist Jessica McJunkins, violist Dominic Johnson and cellist Khari Joyner, the concert became so memorable after the police brutality protests happened about three months later.

During the interview with NPR, she said, “I’m not gonna be that artist that’s gonna put out the same body of work until I die, because that’s probably gonna be the reason I die — ’cause that sounds boring.”

The pop experimentalist speaks the way her music sounds and a lack of change might literally kill her. She grew up listening to all types of music. The energetic artist studied ethnomusicology at Pasadena City College, where she dug deeper into the West African and Sudanese fiddling that had piqued her interest as a teenager.


For more information about Sudan Archives: Website – YouTube Music Sudan Archives – YouTube Sudan Archives – Instagram @sudanarchives – Facebook The Sudan Archives – Twitter @sudanarchives.

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