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(Updated) Jam Skating – Berlin, Germany

1 updated on 21 July 2020: Go to Oumi Janta’s Instagram for the updates of the jam skate club lessons!


Jam skating is a dance on roller skate. Born in Europe in the eighteenth century as transportation, recreation, and sport.

Roller skate then became more popular around the world in late 1970s as Roller Disco where all the dancers wearing roller skate in discotheque and skating ring, popularized by several musical movies in early 1980s. A few years later in 1983, the month of October was decided as National Roller Skating Month in USA by 40th President of United States, Ronald Reagan.

Oumi Janta, a passionate roller skater, tutor, choreographer, born in Senegal and living in Berlin. Below is one of Oumi Janta’s class with German fashion blogger Grace Maleka as her student:…

Oumi Janta fell in love with roller skating in 2014. Born with her fun roller skating, vlog of free birds, tutorials, and style musing.

The jamskating training by Oumi Janta, you will learn the basics techniques of jamskating and then combines it with fitness, fun and a touch of roller disco vibes. You can see the update of Oumi Janta’s lesson in her Instagram.

The famous jam skating online video of Oumi Janta:…

For more information about Oumi Janta:…

Oumi Janta: Instagram @oumi_janta – YouTube Oumi Janta.

Source: I’m learning how to roller skate with Oumi Janta — Learn to jam skate and put your feet up — About Oumi Janta — About Roller Fusion Club.