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Animate x Oppo – Belgium & France

Young creative duo creating simple and playful toys with safe electronic system to help children’s imagination alive, called Animate.

Animate was created by Studio Fantasio to give children (age 6 – 10) tools to animate their own creation. It is a kit of electronic components and cardboard connectors aiming to give life to children imagination.

Studio Fantasio, founded by Belgian designer Sarah Willemart and French designer Matthieu Muller during their studies at the Royal College of Art in London – was approached by Oppo to work on how to humanize technology.

Animate has five different types of components that can be screwed directly on the cardboard and create sound, light motion, and vibration.

The kit consists of multiple elements: 8 electronic components including a battery, a vibrator, a buzzer, an ultrasonic sensor, two DC motors and two LED lights. A safe blade knife to cut cardboard easily. A set of connectors to attach cardboard and components together. Three sizes of cables to plug the components to the battery:…

Introducing Studios Fantasio's productto public.

Introducing Studio Fantasio to public

 Introducing Studios Fantasio to public.

Studio Fantasio has created many products from an electronic kit empowering children’s creativity to a collection of inclusive objects restoring dignity to seniors, they are seeking to address significant problems in a playful manner.

Both  have recently been awarded the 2nd Prize of Vision Direct Design Competition and are shortlisted for the Dezeen x Samsung Out of the Box Competition.


For more information about Studio Fantasio: Website – YouTube Studio Fantasio – Instagram @studio_fantasio.

Source: Studio Fantasio x Oppo — ANIMATE – give life to children imagination – ‘animate’ technology kit brings children’s dream robots to life.

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