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Finding Oasis With Grandmas – Sakon Dakhon, Thailand

The deep blue indigo has been important part of fashion industry around the world. How is the process of indigo dye? The fashion designer and indigo dyer Philip Huang will explain it through his movie “Finding Oasis”, a visual essay documenting Sakon Nakhon and the Indigo Grandmas for his Oasis Collection Spring/Summer 2021.

The “Finding Oasis” was made in collaboration with Thai cinematographer of “Call Me By Your Name” Sayombhu Mukdeeprom.

In this short film, we see how the craftspeople of Sakon Nakhon province, in the upper northeastern of Thailand – harvest and make the dye for the American fashion label, Philip Huang.

The movie was taken in three villages in Sakon Nakhon province, Thailand, and the people in each village introduced different techniques:…

1. Baan Dong Siew Village with its weaving co-OP which involve almost all family members of the weavers and dyers. Some would plant indigo (kram in Thai) and dye their fabrics. Some would cut some parts of tree cellulose to produce another color.

Introduce philip Huang's movie to public

2. Baan Don Goy Village with its 53 weaving and dyeing members. To become a member, you have to pay 1000 Baht and bring 6 kilograms of indigo paste. In dyeing section, to make deep indigo fabric color, they need to dip the fabric three times to produce deep blue indigo.

Finding Oasis by Philip Huang

3. Man Gardens in Muang District with the founder of Man Garden and Mann Craft, Prach “Mann” Niyomkar. He showed us the harvest of Indigofera SuffruTicosa and the making of indigo paste.



For more information about Philip Huang: Website – Instagram @philiphuangnyc.

Source: See a new film that shows the secret world of Thai indigo — INDIGO GRANDMAS.