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The Familia – Belgium & France

Recently, the Studio Fantasio duo – Belgian designer Sarah Willemart and French designer Matthieu Muller – launched kit for children to animate their own creations, the Animate.

And this time, it’s about FAMILIA, a collection of objects aiming to restore dignity to seniors. Designed to appear as everyday objects, the FAMILIA products are non-stigmatising and offer subtle functionalities responding to elderly challenges.

There are three FAMILIA products: The FAMILIA Clock – The FAMILIA Lamp – The FAMILIA Mirror. Each product has double functions:…

 FAMILIA Clock by the duo of STUDIO FANTASIO

FAMILIA by Studio Fantasio  FAMILIA Mirror by the duo of STUDIO FANTASIO

The FAMILIA Clock / Healthcare – as clock & pill dispenser: it is a clock and when needed the cuckoo delivers the dose of medication, helping users not to forget it.

The FAMILIA Lamp / Everyday Tasks – as lamp & magnifying glass: a nomadic table lamp that once grabbed becomes a luminous magnifying glass for reading.

The FAMILIA Mirror / Social Interactions – as mirror and dialogue: it is designed as a mirror. On one side an app and on the other an automatically updated picture frame. And also facilitate the dialogue between family members and strenghten family ties.

Studio Fantasio, has been creating useful and playful products for all ages. It always striving for surprise, wonder and humour, it ambitions to make positive impacts to the world.




For more information about Studio Fantasio: Website – YouTube Studio Fantasio – Instagram @studio_fantasio.

Source: FAMILIA – Restoring Dignity To SeniorsStudio Fantasio restoring dignity to seniors with FAMILIAAnimate x Oppo – Belgium & France.