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Kamikaze Jewels – Pontevedra, Spain

To introduce: Kamikaze Jewel by S6 swimmer and jeweler, Pablo Cimadevila. Image by Pablo Cimadevila.

“If you can dream it, you can do it. No barrier has prevented reached their goals.” has proved be the phrase that has shaped the life of Spanish S6 swimmer and jeweler, Pablo Cimadevila.

His mother once said to him, “If you can’t walk, you would swim.” Since then – medals, records and international recognitions have lead Pablo’s life to successful path in sport and jewelry careers – #kamikazejewels on IG.

He posted the making process of his KAMIKAZE metal jewelries on his YouTube Channel which millions would love to learn about his techniques:…

He mostly making rings, but he also making others like a gold version of Airpods and many others:…

In his spare time he would experiment making a “Cupid’s Bow” from brass screws, inspired by his customer about her unsuccessful love, called “Screw Love”:…

For each order, Pablo writes on an orange Post-It with brief description then paste it on his monitor during the making process. After he finishes the jewelry crafting, he will collect them in order to make a book in the future.

Pablo has also been actively posting his swimming and jewelry careers on his Instagram and having communication with his followers since 2013.


For more information about Pablo Cimedevila: Website – Webshop – YouTube Pablo Cimadevila – Vlog Pablo Cimadevila Vlogs – Facebook Pablo Cimadevila – Twitter @PabloCimadevila – Instagram @kamikazejewels (in progress) – Instagram @pablocimadevila.

Source: Pablo Cimadevila IG — Biography of Pablo Cimadevila — Pablo Cimavella YouTube Channel.