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The Incredible Flower Journeys – Tokyo, Japan

I wish to continue exploring the world to discover new flowers with my own eyes. My experiences with these flowers will serve to be an inspiration for my work. I intend on finding new ways of expressing these, outside the realm of nature.”

Azuma Makoto, a Japanese floral artist and botanical sculptor based in Tokyo, lately presenting the timelapse of flowers’ life, showing how the flowers blooming then dying in two minutes in his YouTube channel during the pandemic of Covid19:…

Azuma Makoto also took nature to places it’s never been before, for example his Exobiotanica project which was an ambitious experiment that sent flowers into outer space:…

In 2002, he has set up a haute couture flower shop “JARDINS des FLEURS” with Shiinoki Shunsuke, a botanical photographer, in Ginza (currently located in Minami-Aoyama).

By Azuma Makoto. By Azuma Makoto.

In 2005, he started to do sculptural modeling expression “Botanical Sculpture” and started to attract attention from overseas.

In 2009 launched the experimental plant group “Toshin, Flower Tree Research Institute (AMKK) and continued to present works at museums, art galleries, music concerts, fashion shows, public spaces around the world including the outer space.

Makoto also have done many collaborations with international fashion houses, designers, magazines, and runways.

I pay homage to nature by deliberately cutting off the flower’s ties with the earth and incorporating artificial materials, thus creating friction between nature and man.”


For more information about Azuma Makoto: Website – Facebook Azuma Makoto – Twitter @azumamakoto – Tumblr – Instagram @azumamakoto.

Source: Azuma Makoto: Listening to flowers – Launching Flowers Into Outer Space — About Azuka Makoto.