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Green One G.O. One Straw - Hong Kong

Reusable, Openable, Rollable Straws – Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Committed to integrating sustainable and user-friendly designs into every product to create a positive impact on society, the Hong Kong based studio, Green One or G.O., has been creating reusable drinking tubes or straws made of 100% recyclable material. The G.O. products are certified with safe fillet design, food grade materials, BPA-free, heat resistant to 100°C, dishwasher safe, and FDA certification. Green One Straw has three straw varieties: One Pair Straw, One Roll Straw, and One Bubble Straw. The additional G.O. products are pouch and bag: One Pouch Cutlery Bag, One Pouch Cutlery Bag With Drinking Tube Set, and One Cotton Bag. Founded in 2019, Green One Institute (GO) has been mentioned as the winner of 2020 Hong Kong Smart Design Awards – Bronze, 2019 Melbourne Design Award – Gold, and Jockey Club Carbon Care Open Innovation Lab Zero Carbon Pitch 2019 (Cycle 4) – Best Popularity Award. The latest product, One Bubble Straw, is well appreciated by the  bubble tea lovers. The design is similar with the One Roll Straw, but with extra 1.3 cm diameter, to …

To introduce: Product - Lamp Shade - by Ottan Studio. Image by Ottan Studio

Food Waste Into Products – Beyoğlu, Turkey

Green innovation means more energy-saving, waste recycling, pollution prevention, and most of all,  it reduced negative impact on the environment. Ottan Studio, a social enterprise also a green innovation & design studio, has been producing upcycled decoration out of food and green waste since 2017. The founder, Ayşe Yılmaz, and the team started the mission with one important question: “Which materials can be used that more sustainable than wood derivatives in product design?” and while trying to find an answer, they saw an incredible potential in leaves, grass, and food waste that cannot be consumed. We waste one third of our food and it’s about one and a half billion a year. With those wastes, Ottan Studio produced durable and aesthetic material which consume minimum energy by providing maximum resource productivity, from retailer companies, food producers and greenhouses. Orange peels, lentils, pomegranate, mushrooms, carrots, grass, leaves, are the main food waste they use to create products like coffee tables, lampshades, panels, tiles, and many others. They process and recycle the waste. The food waste quantity …