Have You Got Bygglek? – Älmhult, Sweden

“It’s a possibility to play, display the cool creations and return to it to replay, remake, recreate or start over.”

Playing is crucial for the well-being of both adults and children. During the Democratic Design Day 2018 in Älmhult, Sweden, two giant company, IKEA and LEGO, made an announcement of their partnership to explore the play from two different angles, the LEGO bricks and IKEA’s toy storage.

During the play, the adults focus more on organize things, while children focus on the creativity. From this point, they understand the little conflict situations between organize the mess and develop the creativity. And emerge them into a playful solution. So in 2019, the collaboration between IKEA and LEGO resulted in BYGGLEK. 

BYGGLEK is storage boxes for LEGO bricks to be attached on the surface of IKEA box as play table. It comes in three different sizes and with the box, it allows you to store your bricks and it is also as a creative space for your builds and dioramas. At this moment it is only available in certain stores, especially in Germany with price 9.99€ to 14.99€. And the next new Bygglek collection will be available to purchase from all IKEA stores and online from October 1st, 2020.

To introduce: IKEA and Lego have collaborated to create Bygglek, storage boxes with LEGO bricks. To introduce: IKEA and Lego have collaborated to create Bygglek, storage boxes with LEGO bricks.

IKEA and LEGO have something in common. The product comes in many elements and we have to assemble them.

BYGGLEK by IKEA and LEGO. image by Ikea. BYGGLEK by IKEA and LEGO. image by Ikea.

You can watch here the interview of Rasmus Logstrup Jensen (Designer at  LEGO Group) and Andreas Fredriksson (Designer at IKEA) about the collaboration on BYGGLEK.


For more information about LEGO and IKEA:

Website – YouTube IKEA – Facebook IKEA (choose your country) – Instagram @ikeatoday.

Website – YouTube LEGO – Facebook LEGO – Instagram @lego.

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