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The Continuity Of Natura Series – Montreal, Canada

Natura Animal by Raku Inoue. Image by Raku Inoue

“Insects have always been symbolic for me,” have always been symbolic for me,” says Inoue, who spent his childhood in Japan. Each summer his grandmother would welcome in dragonflies, an insect that she believed represented the presence of her late husband.

Born in Tokyo and aged 9 moved to Montreal, Raku Inoue, a multidisciplinary artist – has been focusing on nature and creating “Natura Insects & Animals”, an art serie of various insects and animals shapes by using freshly cut leaves and flowers, until today, appeared weekly in his Instagram page.

He would also take leftovers rose petals from his yard and nearby florists. And occasionally people will send him plants from other parts of the world to challenge his creativity. With them, he has made international collaborations with Maison SchiaparelliNational GeographicUN Environment Goodwill Ambassado & The Pangaia, American Craft Council, and many others.

Raku Inoue and National Geographic Collaboration Raku Inoue Art - Reikan Creations

The most recent collaboration is with Ashley Poston, by designing her next book cover with fresh flowers and leaves, “Among The Beasts and The Briars”, and it will be launched in October 2020.

To CDC Arts, he stated that most of his creations are inspired by nature and its beauty. The main source of inspiration may vary from textures, colours, the subjects or perhaps all three. The color chosen for each creation depends on his mood, feeling, and also like the Ikebana Art he learned before, which use plants based on each seasons to arrange the flowers.

Natura Insects by Raku Inoue To introduce: Natura Insects by Raku Inoue


For more information about Raku Inoue: Website – Behance Raku Inoue – Instagram @reikan_creations.

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