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During the pandemic, many businesses, flight journeys, especially public events have been closed down and cancelled around the world to avoid the spread of the virus.

To introduce: Shamir Bailey - American singer and musician. Image by Shamir Bailey.

Shining Shamir – Las Vegas, United States

A star born and became the pride of his hometown in North Las Vegas. A very talented musician, actor, comedian, singer, rapper, chef, designer Shamir Bailey, has come to give us new light during the Covid-19 pandemic through his song “On My Own”, released on 10 June 2020:…   In the interview with Fast Company he mentioned that he’s a night owl, post midnight is athe best creative time of the day. Shamir has always been the quintessential DIY artist, teaching himself guitar at an early age, and whatever instruments proved necessary afterward. Although he tours as a three-piece band, Shamir mostly tends to record alone, with a four-track, playing all the parts himself. Four years ago, he was mentioned as The Pride of North Las Vegas. On the day he got a new job in Topshop, his song that had been posted in Pitchfork,, got many attentions from public and record labels. And since then, he was appeared in many music festivals. In the interview with ID Magazine in 2014, during his early music career, …

Eccentrique Violinist – Los Angeles, United States

Messed around with instruments in the house and took up violin in the fourth grade, eventually teaching herself how to play the instrument by ear. Sudan Archives, an American vocalist and violinist who writes, play, and produce her own music — was impressed by the violin playing style of Northeast Africa. “The way they played it was different from classical music. I resonated with the style, and I was like, “Maybe I can use this style with electronic music,” she says. Her music style is quite eclectic and eccentric inspired by Irish and African music, especially Sudanese music. She has daring fashion style by mixing cultural attributes in one look. The latest concert of Sudan Archives was at NPR’s “Tiny Desk” show in Washington D.C., on March 11 2020, after the cancelation of SXSW Festival 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak. Together with violinist Jessica McJunkins, violist Dominic Johnson and cellist Khari Joyner, the concert became so memorable after the police brutality protests happened about three months later. During the interview with NPR, she said, “I’m not gonna …

Prince & The Revolution Is Back – Syracuse, United State

Prince and The Revolution concert will be digitally aired online for three days starting Thursday, 14 May 2020 at 7pm CST in Prince YouTube Channel, The Rolling Stones Magazine reported. The Prince Estate partnership with YouTube to host the three-day streaming event of the historic concert which had performed in Carriere Dome in Syracuse, New York – in March 30, 1985. Click here for the premiere concert link in Prince YouTube Channel:… Prince was a legendary flamboyant American singer with eclectic and funk music genders who won many international music awards. Below is the song “Around The World In A Day” by the Prince and The Revolution in 1985:…   For more information about Prince: Website:, YouTube Channel Prince, Instagram @prince, Facebook Prince, Spotify Prince, Apple Prince. Source: Rolling Stone Official Website, Prince Facebook Page, Prince YouTube Channel.

John Mayer & No I.D. – Making of The “New Light” Song

American DJ No I.D. and singer -songwriter John Mayer, teamed up on the making of the song “New Light” in 2018. The song also got instrument contributions from drummer Aaron Sterling and musician Pino Palladino. In Electric Lady Studio NYC, John who also take part in Dead Company band, shared with us the process inside the making of the song in order track by track. Making of New Light: He shared with us the “New Light” song development from just a short loop to a complete track, cooler beats, and lyrics. He also gave tips about vocal and music backgrounds. There are many instruments involved from linn drum machine, live drum, guitar, and then linn drum shaker that presented in the right timing along the track producing modern 80’s track from just a wavy Hawaiian loop. In this 8-minutes short video below, you can listen and understand the “New Light” song making process:… For more information about John Mayer and No I.D. :… John Mayer: Official Website – YouTube Channel John Mayer – Instagram @johnmayer – …

Itzhak Perlman – Holding The Bow Grip Of A Violin

Itzhak Perlman, an Israeli-American violinist, conductor, and music teacher, teaching us about the technique of holding the bow grip of a violin right. He is quite active in social media, making short performances, jokes, and giving advices about playing a violin as a senior violinist at home, or even in his kitchen. Holding the bow grip: it starts with holding a bow grip right to help us producing the right sounds when we play our violin. Pay attention about the fingers position, have nice space in between the fingers on the lower part of the bow grip. And the wrist should be flexible. Also there are tips about point of contact between the grip and the violin. Below is the short video of – Itzhak on Bow Grip – in his YouTube channel Itzhak Perlman:… This is an image on how he holds his bow grip:… For more info about Itzhak Perlman: Website  – Facebook itzhakperlmanofficial – Instagram @itzhakperlman . Source: Itzhak Perlman YouTube channel.