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John Mayer & No I.D. – Making of The “New Light” Song

American DJ No I.D. and singer -songwriter John Mayer, teamed up on the making of the song “New Light” in 2018. The song also got instrument contributions from drummer Aaron Sterling and musician Pino Palladino. In Electric Lady Studio NYC, John who also take part in Dead Company band, shared with us the process inside the making of the song in order track by track.

Making of New Light: He shared with us the “New Light” song development from just a short loop to a complete track, cooler beats, and lyrics. He also gave tips about vocal and music backgrounds. There are many instruments involved from linn drum machine, live drum, guitar, and then linn drum shaker that presented in the right timing along the track producing modern 80’s track from just a wavy Hawaiian loop. In this 8-minutes short video below, you can listen and understand the “New Light” song making process:…

For more information about John Mayer and No I.D. :…

John Mayer: Official Website www.johnmayer.com – YouTube Channel John Mayer – Instagram @johnmayer – Instagram @deadcompany – Instagram @currentmood – Facebook John Mayer – Spotify John Mayer – Apple Music John Mayer.

No I.D.: –  Instagram @cubanzone – Facebook NoIDTheDJ.

Source: John Mayer YouTube Channel .

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