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Bong Joon Ho – Directing The Parasites Movie


Bong Joon Ho, a South Korean film director and script-writer of the award winning movie Parasite. The movie has won many awards as Best Director,  in both Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Awards in 2019.

Directing a movie: Here the film director not only talked about his Parasite movie, but also about his viewpoints in his other movies and Western ones. When he was writing script of a true story movie, he constantly thought about a situation in certain period of a year and communicated with the detectives, the journalists, and the community of the town where the main character once lived. And as a film maker, it is also important to think about the detailed personality and image references of the main character, also how the camera and the character move in front of it. He also explained the important thing is understanding the relationships between the characters in a movie, especially the Parasites. In the whole session, he talked about moments while making movies, writing scripts, translating imagination into the screen, managing the movie budget, and others.

You can visit the Walker Art Website about the dialog with Bong Joon Ho as film director or click on Walker Art YouTube Channel to watch the dialog here:…


Below are some behind the scene images during the making of the movie Parasite in 2019:…

Actor Kang Ho Song – behind the scene of The Parasite.

Actress Cho Yeo Jeong – behind the scene The Parasite.

Behind the scene – The Parasite movie crew.

For more info about Boon Joon Ho and his movies: IMDb Page Boong Joon Ho – Instagram @agenreofone.

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