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Traditional Silk Marbling – Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Marble workshop (dye company for silk and polyester) is run by the Nose family in Kyoto, Japan for decades. The family business, managed by Moriyoshi Nose – the son in law, and his family members has been keeping the traditional silk marbling alive. Using starch they make various patterns and manually cut the shapes then put them on rolling machine to print the fabrics. They have worked together with many fashion designers including Hermēs.

Below you can see the traditional process of the silk marbling which has been improved for decades in the Kyoto Marble workshop and its collaboration with Hermēs in YouTube channels of Great Big Stories and Hermēs: …

Below are some images of the Nose family and their silk marbling results in the Kyoto Marble workshop:…

The Nose Family in their Kyoto Marble workshop.

This is how they put the cut starch on the rolling machine – by Kyoto Marble.

Colorful starch marbles of Kyoto Marble.

The print result on fabric of Kyoto Marble.

For more info about the Kyoto Marble: Website – Webshop Pas Deux Pareils: and Instragram @kyotomarble.

Sources: Kyoto Marble Official Website , Instagram @kyotomarble , Hermēs YouTube Channel , and Great Big Stories YouTube Channel