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Itzhak Perlman – Holding The Bow Grip Of A Violin

Itzhak Perlman, an Israeli-American violinist, conductor, and music teacher, teaching us about the technique of holding the bow grip of a violin right. He is quite active in social media, making short performances, jokes, and giving advices about playing a violin as a senior violinist at home, or even in his kitchen.

Holding the bow grip: it starts with holding a bow grip right to help us producing the right sounds when we play our violin. Pay attention about the fingers position, have nice space in between the fingers on the lower part of the bow grip. And the wrist should be flexible. Also there are tips about point of contact between the grip and the violin.

Below is the short video of – Itzhak on Bow Grip – in his YouTube channel Itzhak Perlman:…

This is an image on how he holds his bow grip:…

How to hold a bow grip by Itzhak Perlman. Look at the way his right-hand’s fingers hold the end of the bow grip.

For more info about Itzhak Perlman: Website www.itzhakperlman.com  – Facebook itzhakperlmanofficial – Instagram @itzhakperlman .

Source: Itzhak Perlman YouTube channel.