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Prince & The Revolution Is Back – Syracuse, United State

Prince and The Revolution concert will be digitally aired online for three days starting Thursday, 14 May 2020 at 7pm CST in Prince YouTube Channel, The Rolling Stones Magazine reported.

The Prince Estate partnership with YouTube to host the three-day streaming event of the historic concert which had performed in Carriere Dome in Syracuse, New York – in March 30, 1985. Click here for the premiere concert link in Prince YouTube Channel:…

Prince was a legendary flamboyant American singer with eclectic and funk music genders who won many international music awards. Below is the song “Around The World In A Day” by the Prince and The Revolution in 1985:…


For more information about Prince: Website:, YouTube Channel Prince, Instagram @prince, Facebook Prince, Spotify Prince, Apple Prince.

Source: Rolling Stone Official Website, Prince Facebook PagePrince YouTube Channel.